Soloing Spine of Death Wing

In a conversation with , I’d mentioned “the trick” for Spine of Death Wing. When asked what the trick was, I went off on a long-winded explanation on how to solo it. In my mind, I figured it was only going to be a paragraph. I was wrong. After building a wall of text, it was suggested that this could be a worthy entry.

So without further ado, here’s the trick for Spine…

This guide assumes you’re trying to solo Spine with a level 100 toon (though, I’m pretty sure level 90+ wouldn’t be an issue either). Also, while you’re learning, set the raid to 10-Normal. There are no 10/25 person achievements to chase. So there’s no reason to ever set it to 25-person. After you are used to normal, set to 10-Heroic for getting the heroic achievements, mog-farming (all gear has a different recolor for LFR/Normal/Heroic), and farming for the heroic – only mount from DW himself (The Life-Bender’s Handmaiden). You’ll be able to get a full set of tier tokens in no time for each of your toons for LFR, Normal, and Heroic.

First, make sure you have the Deadly Boss Mods add-on loaded for Cataclysm raids. It helps you with a countdown on death wing’s roll.

When you land on his back, quickly kill 2 tendrils on one side. If the DBM countdown has started and you have more than 5 seconds, just head to the other side. If you have less than 5 seconds, stand in the hole where one of the tendrils was. This will hold you to his back when he rolls. When he rolls, any amalgamations that are up will fall off of his back. I chose 5 seconds to account for the occasional lag spike.

When you get to the other side, kill 1 tendril on the other side and stand in the hole. Wait for DW to roll and toss the amalgamation(s) off of his back. The idea is to only have one tendril up at any given time. After the roll, just run back and forth over the center of his spine (I call this the speed bump). Little corrupted blood mobs will come at you and attack you. Try and kill them in a nice little pile on the speed-bump. You’ll notice they leave behind a little fire patch on the ground. After you’ve killed 9 bloods, go kill the last tendril and run back and forth over the speed bump. The amalgamation will appear where the tendril was and come after you. Just kite him over the fire patches until he’s soaked up all 9. Just remember to ALWAYS be going back and forth over the speed bump to keep DW from rolling.

Once the amalgamation is at 9 stacks, his lower body will turn into a glowing bulb (like a firefly). Take him to the plate/wall closest to DW’s head, use your mini map to give you head/tail orientation. Nuke the firefly by the front plate and he’ll eventually go ‘splodey. When that happens, just remember to keep going back and forth over the speed-bump. When he goes splodey, the armor plate will lift and you’ll see a burning tendon. Nuke that tendon and the plate flies off.

At this point, you are right back to where you were you were when you first landed on DW’s back. Only now you have more space. Do the same thing all over again for the second plate (kill all but one tendril, stand in a hole so DW throws the amalgamations off his back, collect 9 bloods, kill tendril, have amalgamation soak fire patches, nuke him by plate, nuke tendon, all while running back and forth over the speed bump) and then do all that again for the third plate. After 3 plates fly off, Spine is done.

So the trick is simply this….keep going back and forth over the speed bump before he rolls. It’s not difficult. However, until you get used to managing the bloods and occasionally rolling DW intentionally because you accidentally have too many amalgamations up, you’ll find you get so tunnel-visioned at times, you’ll miss the countdown for the roll and realize too late that you wiped.

I found that melee classes are great for this fight due to their instant attacks. Hunters are also really good, but you have to remember to occasionally get in melee range (like when you are nuking the firefly by the armor plate). Save your casters until you you get used to the instant abilities classes (with casters you really have to “cross speed bump, cast 1 or 2 spells [depending on time], cross the speed-bump, cast 1 or 2 spells….yada, yada” it’s easy to say, “oh, one more cast and it’s down” but then you don’t have enough time to cross over before he rolls).

That’s all there is to it. With a geared level 100 toon, you can run the whole instance in about an hour. Most of that time is travel between bosses and role play events.

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  2. Tags have been updated. I’m probably going to add some additional Solo-ing items in the near future. I’m thinking the using Premade Groups between toons on the same account will be a good one.

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