[of the Queue] downs Archimonde (Heroic)…and other rambling thoughts

Big plans!

With the announcement that there were potentially only 11 lockouts left for folks to get their Moose, the otQ officers decided that we needed to shake things up.

They parsed through tons of logs between the 2 raid teams. Then restructured the 2 teams. Team Mousse, was the top performers. This was the group that was going to be able to mercilessly throw themselves at Archie raid night after raid night. Team Cupcake (yes, Pastry was upgraded to Cupcake) was going to continue with progression raiding.

(I just found out it was actually) Pants Cloud spent a lot of time putting together a post to the guild on our forum on how/why the groups were split. It does make me sad that there are people who are so thin-skinned in this world that Pants Cloud felt compelled to do her his best to sugar coat this decision. Still, she he put a lot of effort into trying not to offend anyone with her his words on the restructuring.

The first night of the new teams, Team Mousse downs Archie about half-way through the scheduled raid time. In other words, more time was spent on her his write up than was actually spent downing Archie. It pains me. She He could have simply said, “Here’s the new group layout. *listing of teams and members*” and spent the remainder of that time doing something enjoyable. If anyone griped, it would be really easy to say “You want a moose? Yes? Then shut up and deal. We’re going to get you your moose.” This is why I should never be a manager at work or a guild leader. I’m far too blunt and to the point.

Getting back to the point, otQ is going to start rotating guildies into the Archie (H) runs for the moose. It’s pretty cool that these folks are willing to slog through Archie a time or two or three every raid night while guild members get to collect their mooses.

While they are running Archi over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and-over, the Cupcakes plan on continuing their progression. At this point, I’m fairly comfortable on saying the downstairs citadel is now farmable. We’ve got a good handle on Soc (H), though I’m not sure I’m ready to call him a farm boss. Xhul’horac is an odd-duck for us. Some nights, we have the fire-management down to a science. Other nights, well…


Still, we’re enjoying ourselves and will continue to progress through Heroic HFC. My raid team is full of epic folks. Our guild is full of epic folks. I’m proud to be a part of both of them.

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