Never thought I’d become an xmog fiend…

…yet here I am, with another xmog. This is my 4th xmog for this expansion (6th, if you count that I ran with 3 different head pieces over the course of time I’d been sporting the green set…link for green set reference).


My inspiration was “attacking with pointed-sticks” (bonus points to you if you get that reference) and “wood tones.” This one spans every expansion too. Personally, I think some of the best mogs pull from multiple expansions. However, that’s completely subjective and for you to decide.

Helm: Vanilla – tier from MC (Cenarion Helm)
Shoulders: WoD – heroic tier from HFC (Oathclaw Mantle)
Back: I never show cloaks any more. They tend to clip weapons and hair.
Chest: MoP – SoO tier look-alike from Ordos on Timeless Isle (Zoo-Per’s Superior Chestguard).
Wrists: not visible due to gloves.
Hands: BC – tier from Mt. Hyjal (Thunderheart Gloves)
Waist: Cata – Riplimb’s Lost Collar from Firelands
Legs: not visible due to robe
Boots: Vanilla – tier from MC (Cenarion Boots)
Weapon: WotLK – Dreambinder from Freya in Ulduar

View in WoWHead Item Comparison tool.

2 thoughts on “Never thought I’d become an xmog fiend…

  1. Wowzers: that looks fantastic!
    I enjoy the tmogs that have pieces from all over to make a coherent set rather than “tier 8”. Artistic researchers for tmog are hard to find, lol.
    I think you hit a home run with that set.

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