Hellbane bosses begone!


No, this is not me saying that I just got this achievement. I got that in fairly short order after 6.2. One of my “chores” in WoW has been farming the Hellbane bosses for the mounts.

While I have been enjoying the Medallions, it’s made getting some alts that much closer to the Oil Rig, those are not what I have been after. Oh, no. My sole farming venture has been to procure the Rattling Iron Cages. With in the first 2 weeks of 6.2 I wound up looting the Tundra Icehoof and the Armored Razorback  from the cages. Since then, I’ve deleted/destroyed a few dozen of the Icehoof mounts. Try as I might though, I’ve not been able to find a Warsong Direfang, until last night.

What a relief that was. I do not enjoy camping premade groups. Although learning about the Premade Group Finder addon made the PGF camping a bit more bearable.

From now on, if I’m on a toon in Tanaan, I’ll turn up the group finder addon for the boss that’s in my area. If I find one while I’m there, cool. If not, I don’t care. I don’t need anything from them anymore. The medallions are nice, but not necessary.

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