Mounts (OMG so many mounts)

I’ve lost track of where I left off with my blabbering about my journey towards Mountacular, so I’ll just recap what I can recall. Perhaps I’ll remember moving forward. Or not. Who knows?

I started the Argent Tournament and figured out that 5 mounts can be added to a faction in as little as 2 days.

I know, I know. “Argent Tournament is sooooo 3 x-packs ago.” Well, I never jumped onto the AT bandwagon in Wrath. I remember the jousting in Trial of the Champion and decided I wanted none of that. I never checked into the soloability of it after Cata, I’d just written the instances and the whole Argent Tournament off as a “not gonna happen” sort of affair.

I digress. Back to 5 mounts, 2 days. All that needs to happen is run 1 of each race (races available during WotLK, no goblins, no worgen, and no pandas) through Trial of the Champion heroic dungeon 2 days in a row this will net you 6 Champion’s Seals. Then you have those toons talk to their race’s quarter master in the faction tent at the tournament grounds. For 5  Champion’s Seals and 500 gold, you’ll get a racial mount. That’s it. 5 mounts in 2 days. These mounts don’t count cross-faction, so if you want the cross-faction equivalent, you’ll need to do the 2 instance runs on 5 toons of the other faction too.

Make sure that one of the toons that you do the Argent Tournament grind on is a Paladin. There is a Paladin-only mount to be obtained.

In addition to sticking my head in the sands of Argent Tournament, I’ve been grinding gold and farming instances to knock out a few more mounts as well.


  • Swift White Hawkstrider (No more Kael’thas Sunstrider monologues to listen to, WOOT!)
  • Jeweled Onyx Panther (found one on the AH for about the price of the orbs needed to make it)
  • Cindermane Charger (I gifted a friend the WoW battle chest and 2 time cards. I’m hoping he likes playing, because his schedule is similar to mine. Real-life friends in Azeroth rock.)
  • 2 or 3 PVP mounts from the Honor vendor (I don’t remember which ones specifically.)

I’m sure I’m missing a few more that I’ve farmed out in the past month or so.  I’m closing in on Mountacular though. Only 10 more mounts until I’m there.

4 thoughts on “Mounts (OMG so many mounts)

  1. Ten more mounts is sooo close. Good luck, lol.
    I notice that Argent Tourney pets are often sold on the BMAH — maybe I’d better start selling Enchanted Brooms (thanks a lot, buddy).

  2. I’ve been grinding Argent Tournament from scratch for 5 months already. I simply hate it now 🙂
    Charged a Gnome Mage (my main), a Goblin Hunter (easier for dailies) and a Blood Elf Paladin – because Paladin.

    Dungeon Run + all the dailies give you 17 tokens a day.

    So far Argent Tounament offers this much mounts:

    2 from Argent tent + 1 for Paladin also there
    10 per A/H faction (2 for each race) – makes it +20.
    2 per Argent faction (shared – as you buy them for Alliance, you learn them for Horde too, but they are different).
    1 shared hippogryph.

    So, it’s 26 or 28 mounts to be obtained.

    Thank God only pets are left for me.

    1. I was feeling ambitious when I started it. Thinking I’d run one of each race through every day. That didn’t last long.

      I agree, that place gets old quick.

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