Heroic Manny/Archie PUGs

Due to <of the Queue> doing Moose runs for guildies multiple times a night on raid nights, there are some that are quite burnt-out on HFC-H. As of the end of April, the guild has officially considered itself done with HFC.

There are a few of us who are still running pug groups. I’ve been trying to complete my heroic tier set on the druid, so I pug every week on him. I’ve been sporting the normal tier chest for a long time. There have been a few chest pieces acquired that would be an iLevel upgrade, but with secondary stats that just tank my healing. Plus, it’s another goal to work on and a chance to meet other players.

As the expansion has worn on, the quality of the groups just keeps getting worse and worse. I’d say that of the past 10 attempts at Manny-H, only 5 or 6 of them actually downed him (with only 3 of them being 1 or 2 shots). The rest were serious wipe fests. I give a group 4 attempts on a boss. If serious progress isn’t made by the 4th wipe, I leave the group. I can’t count how many Archie pugs I’ve been in that ended in tragic failure.

In each of the Manny-H pugs I’ve landed in, I’ve been hoping against hope to bonus roll the tier chest. I always assume that tier tokens are reserved when going into any pug. Imagine my surprise when the Loot Master just hands me the token after downing Manny this past weekend. No rolling necessary. He told me that I’m the only one in the group that can use it that isn’t already sporting a heroic+ BIS chest piece. I was absolutely blown away.

The group then goes on to Archie. First attempt, we wiped at 0%. We had him down to only a couple hundred thousand health when the last person goes down. I thought, “No problem. At least this group has a clue. Next pull is gold.” On the next pull, we wipe at 5%. The next one, at 13%. That’s the point where the guild that was hosting the group decided to exit stage left.

I was going to call it on pugging for the day, figuring I’d used up all my luck for the weekend. However, I took a chance with another group that was running Archie. Because, DAMN IT I want to.

The first pull, we got him to 6%. Not bad. Though, there were a few folks that completely borked the mechanics. The second run had 2 or 3 dpsers swapped out, total group size was 22 (2/5/15). We only had 2 Doomfire Spirits before phase transition. That got my attention, because the doom fire puddles were tiny. We lost a healer due to lag/Allure of Flames in phase 2. It wasn’t until phase 3 that I had a chance to brez him. Another lag, and he’s dead again. So I was tunnel-visioned pretty hard at the end there making sure folks had enough green bar to pull this off. The second banish group goes in, with the minimal number going in. I thought “Crap! This won’t end well.” Banish tank dies, rest of banish group dies. “Ah well. We got him down pretty far. The next attempt should be the magic pul…..” Archie dies. “Wait!?!? What!?!? We got it!?!? I don’t recall seeing any shadows. Holy crap! That was a smooth kill.” Got the Gavel of the Eredar-H, which is a gorgeous 1h-mace Xmog.

I still have Felfinger Runegloves-H and Seed of Creation-H on my wish list, so I’m going to keep pugging Archie-H. Hopefully, I can continue to find groups like these. Even if it’s only one in every 15 to 20 groups, it’s cool to see groups able to work together.

2 thoughts on “Heroic Manny/Archie PUGs

  1. I’m inspired. I want to join a pug for H Archi now so I can see a big size raid! Our most is about 15 players, seeing the whole thing scale up must be a gas, gas, gas.

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