Team Sadomasochist (WoD CM Dungeons)

120px-ChallengeMode_Medal_Silver 120px-ChallengeMode_Medal_Bronze
Challenge Mode: Silver Challenge Mode: Bronze

In our quest for finding mounts and finding interesting ways to spend/waste time in a video game, there are 5 of us in the guild that have decided that we want to do challenge modes. The idea is that we work to get through all the silver achievements (to get the mount). Then, if we’re not burnt out and there’s still time before Blizz kills them, try for gold.

As of today, team “sadomasochist” (not our actual team name…we don’t have a team name…it fits though) has completed the silver challenge modes for Auchidoun, Iron Docks, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, and The Everbloom.

The thing I’ve found particularly interesting about the challenge modes is that it’s not a typical instance formula (kill bunch of stuff leading to a boss to eat up time, go full ham on the boss and blow all your cool downs). In fact, you’ll find that some trash pulls require you to blow most of your cool downs while many of the bosses are a snore-fest if you know the mechanics.

Take Auchidoun for instance (heh, “instance”), the trash pull immediately before Soulbinder Nyami is the equivalent of boss fight. You have to interrupt like hell, use your personals, and (as a restoration druid) you WILL use Tranquility and Tree of Life to make it through that pack. If you don’t use them both quick enough, you will be using rebirth.

Then there are the polar opposites. The Ancient Protectors in The Everbloom are a “how many cool downs can you stack on top of each other?” fight. The winning combination for Restoration Druids is to pop Tree of Life when things start going south a little before Life Warden Gola is down and use Tranquility before Tree of Life falls off. I tried a couple times of saving one or the other for just after Gola goes down. Nope, overlap them a little before Gola dies and you’ll have breathing room for the other two. You’ll know when the time is right, because you’ll be looking at life bars going “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!”…and that’s when you know you were a little bit late on Tree of Life, so pop both and profit.

With the challenge modes, you also have to kill a certain number of non-boss mobs. There are plenty mobs that you can skip, either by a rogue’s Shroud of Concealment or by shortcuts. Last night’s The Everbloom run had me learning how to consistently make the large-mount shortcut jumps to skip unnecessary mobs.

I’m going to be working on a “Bodhi’s impression of the CM dungeons as a resto druid” post (or collection of posts, depending on how much brain vomit I start harking into it). I’m not going to write guides. I do not have the time, the patience, or the writing skills necessary to write a guide. Besides, those already exist in abundance. So stay tuned. More to come…eventually.

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