With the guild moose carries having been wrapped up for nearly a month. Folks have been taking it easy since. Some have been in Legion beta. Some have been in Overwatch beta. The rest of us have just been doing whatever.


In the interest of keeping group activities going during raid time, the officers put naked raiding (or as I prefer to call it, nekkie-raid *said in the voice of any Rugrats character*) on the schedule.


The idea is simple. Take all your gear off. Melee classes and hunters that require weapons/shields/bows to use their abilities must buy a white quality weapon from a vendor. A tabard is okay, if you’re modest. Then you just start running all the raids from Vanilla and up. Any gear you pick up that you can use, you can equip.

So far, we’ve run:

  • Molten Core
  • Blackwing Lair
  • AQ’20 (Ruins)
  • AQ’40 (Temple)

As of this point, the warrior that I took has gear in every slot, except pants. Fortunately, she’s got lovely legs to look at. She’s also sporting some leather bracers that had a couple stats that didn’t suck for her. This coming Wednesday we’ll be hitting up some BC raids. It’s been a LOOOOOONG time since I’ve done the chess set in a group. I’m looking forward to it.


Only 2 mounts away from Mountacular and the Felfire Hawk. I got the last of the honor mounts and grabbed the draenai Argent Tournament mount.

The Argent Tournament isn’t that bad of a grind. Once all the quests open up, it’s  about 20 minutes from the time you take the flight to the tournament grounds from Dalaran until the time you use your garrison hearth when you’ve turned in all the quests. Running it on 5 toons to minimize the time necessary to acquire all the seals is over an hour and a half. As they get enough seals to buy their racial mount for 100 seals, they are taken out of rotation. The draenai has already retired from the tournament. The gnome only needs 2 more days of seals, then he retires. Once the paladin has enough for the pally-only mount, he’s semi-retiring until I unlock the rest of the achievements for him to buy the mount. The druid and warrior will continue to farm for the achievements, the mounts, the toys, and the pets.

The Argent Tournament has effectively ended my instance farming. The only exception is my 2 weekly attempts at Ashes of Al’ar. I send my fury warriors due to their Titan’s Grip. I equip the Staff of Disintegration (for the immunity effect) and Devastation (for the speed increase). Pop blade storm  next to Grand Astromancer Capernian and Lord Sanguinar just as they are revived and head to Thaladred the Darkener and Master Engineer Telonicus while you’re still spinning. You should not get feared or knocked back. The worst part of this mount run is the damned role play and the flight from the Dark Portal to the entrance.

I really need to get a guild group together for Only the Penitent. Apparently, I’m not the only one in the guild that needs only this one last achievement to complete Glory of the Firelands Raider and get the Corrupted Egg of Millagazor. I just need to get a saved instance ready to go and gather everyone up when enough folks are on. I’ll probably leave Aly up so folks can try for that mount too.


I’ve been stuck at the Blood Infusion quest for well over a year now. I had a couple of guildies help me out and I’m now on the 50 shadow frost orbs slog. So I think I know what Mina is doing for the next 2-ish months.

Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings:

I don’t recall why I lost interest in this one. I think it’s because I loathe the Flame Leviathan fight. Since it’s the first boss fight, it negatively colors my view of the raid. I should probably just secure a lock with Flame Leviathan down on my second account and just skip that one boss encounter each week. Who knows, at some point I’ll pick back up on this one.

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (yes I said…):

For a while, I was running this on every sword wielding toon i had. I’m going to simply farm this on Mina after she’s done with Shadowmourne.

5 thoughts on “Downtime-ish

    1. Oh, definitely. The gold opportunities aren’t lost on me. Just need to make sure I don’t completely burn out. Self-combustion is okay, provided I can still do the slog.

  1. When “banners became toys” I went back to the Argent Tourney to collect them — having run the table on everything else long ago.
    Upon arrival, I felt like a punctured tire, quickly deflating. Burn out is real, amigo. I finished the task and never returned, pet sales be damned.

    1. probably one of those things to do over a prolonged period. 17 seals per day, 50 per pet. So 3 days = pet for sale. Set a pet a week, or a pet every 2 weeks to generate the cash without killing your soul?

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