Mountactular weekend.

I only needed 2 more mounts for Mountactular, so I decided that this would be the weekend I got it.

One was a result of having enough Champion Seals to snag another mount. How anti-climatic is that for a blog post? Fear not. The next one will more than make up for it.

The second mount was going to be from a simple raid achievement. I only need Only the Penitent to finish off Glory of the Firelands Raider (and get the Corrupted Fire Hawk).

I know. This one sounds pretty non-blog worthy too. It should not have been blog worthy either. Bear with me.

I check with the guild and find a couple folks who’d be willing to help, then I start spamming trade chat. I wind up with a group of six and we head on in. Someone didn’t understand the achievement. So we had to reset the instance 10 times. After that, we got the “you’ve entered too many instances…” error. That annoyed me. A lot. I didn’t go back and try and get another group later on. I was very annoyed. I still need that achievement (that bird is the final touch of a mog for my human warrior). I’ll eventually do it.

I went looking through the mount-bearing achievements that are soloable to see if I could find anything. “OH YEAH! ULDUAR! 25 and 10!”

For 25, the only one I was missing was Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (25 player). For 10, I was missing almost everything, including Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (10 player). After a quick look up of the tactics, I found out that it’s quite doable on a MM hunter. It’s also a cake walk. I used Lone Wolf with no pet out, but that’s not necessary.

I had actually put a little bit of thought into the process before I started all of this. I decided that I was going to finish off the 25 achievement and get all of the 10 achievement on the same toon (my hunter). I set the raid to 10 and did all the hard modes. When I got to Razorscale, I exited the raid set to 25 and figured out the routine for getting the achievement. Since the achievement doesn’t require Razorscale to die, I got it on 25 (which gave me my mount) then Feigned Death and left the instance and set it back to 10 again so I could get the other achievement.

The routine was simple (after several failures while I learned the timing of the whole thing). Start the encounter. Kill the Watchers and the Sentinels (that isn’t really necessary, but it’s something to do to prevent boredom) leave the Guardians alone.

This macro made the process of picking out the correct dwarves in the sea of mobs quite trivial.

/target Dark Rune Watcher
/target Dark Rune Sentinel

Spam this macro. If it lands on a Watcher (small dwarves) or a Sentinel (non-dwarves), kill it. If it didn’t land on one of those, don’t do anything. You do need to pay attention, though. You always wind up with target being defaulted to anything that lands a hit on you. So you can’t just assume that since you have something targeted that it’s safe to kill. After the turrets are ready to go, run around the back of the room and aggro any dwarves that are just standing around (there will be a bunch of them). Head to the turrets and activate all of them. This brings Razorscale to the ground. Position yourself so that the dwarves are between you and Razorscale and wait. As Razorscale breathes, hit the mobs in front of you with a Multi-Shot. You should get credit for a bunch of dwarves. Then Feign Death, and repeat the entire process all over again.  You don’t have to get all 25 all at once. You can do it over a prolonged process. You also don’t have to kill Razorscale for the toasted dwarves to count. If you didn’t get credit because the dwarves are still alive, you’ll need to Multi-Shot them twice, hit them with your first one just before Razorscale breathes. My best pull got 13 dwarves.

After getting both the roasted dwarves achievements on 25 then 10, I nuked Razorscale (10) down and proceeded through the rest of the raid (10). I got everything done except for Heartbreaker (10 player) and Disarmed (10 player). Don’t use Barrage on those 2 encounters.

Since I was determined to get both achievements that night, I brought in other toons to do it. Yes, I said “toons,” plural. I brought my warrior in and screwed up on Heartbreaker, but got Disarmed  by using Bladestorm. I brought my mage in and got Disarmed by simply going slowly and making sure I didn’t get overzealous with the DPS.

As of this moment, I’m sitting at 252 mounts. The rest of the Argent Tournament mounts, the 2 Cataclysm Engineer mounts, as well as a number of mounts that I can purchase through grinding will put me somewhere in the 270s or 280s. This means I’ll be sitting fairly pretty for Lord of the Reins when Legion launches. I’m sure Legion will hit us with some achievement for 350 mounts. There are also still plenty of farmable dungeon and raid mounts that will keep me occupied as well. I’m such a well-trained lemming.

16 thoughts on “Mountactular weekend.

    1. The hardest part is trying to figure out if you need 1 or 2 multi-shots, and timing them just right. They need to die while the breath effects are up.

      Also, if your iLevel and/or crit is really high, you might want to take a couple pieces of gear off (especially the crit gear). This will allow you to even out your multi-shot damage.

      1. Oh, there’s one more question.
        I didn’t understand if you have to complete it with several tries in one run (with resetting the fight through Feign Death), or you can do it in several cooldown weeks too?

      2. You can do it over the course of several weekly lockouts. Or you can do it over the course of several Feign Deaths in one night. Once a dwarf is made crispy, he’s permanently added to your counter (regardless of Razorscale dying or not).

      3. You have to have damaged them and they have to have the breath acting on them when they die. So it’s possible to accidentally crit on a couple of them and not have the breath count for the kill.

      4. You’re going to have to see how your DPS is relative to the dragon’s breath DPS.
        If your multi-shot will one-shot the whole throng of dwarves, then take some gear off and shoot just as the breath starts. They need to take damage from both you and the dragon.

        If that’s not the case, does 2 multi-shots kill them? If no, 1 multi-shot before the breath, then the other just as the breath starts. If yes, take some gear off.

        Don’t use barrage. I was not able to get credit using barrage (of course, i might have just been mis-timing my barrage).

      5. Just completed it!

        It was a hard time for enhancement shaman with no instant AoE 🙂 Still I went with her, because she had 17 dwarfs already fried in previous runs. I had to pull 8 times until I figured out how much gear I should have, and then the routine.

        Biting them dwarfs as spectral wolf to aggro – this takes off 50% HP. Then running around until the harpoons are fixed. Launch harpoons, equip dual weapons and kick the dragon under 50. Then I just stand with my back to the dwarfs and click on some of the dwarfs I need to track him. After breath I just turn and hit him hard, he falls, +1. So when I figured out the routine, it was done in three pull-and-reset 🙂

  1. Always: thanks for the macro! Little bits like that can make all of the difference.
    There is an astonishing number of players who are “one away” from finishing. I helped a guy do Share the Love last week — imagine it nagging at you since WotLK! I have the Snail on Thok to finish in SoO. So many that just need a few to finish.
    Grats (and as a side note, I got the Infernal Direwolf last night!).

    1. Congratz on the Direwolf!

      The whole reason I prattle on on this blog is to either provide a little tid-bit here or there to get someone over the edge of some annoyance in game or to give someone a chuckle. If I can do both, even better. 😉

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