CM rundown (aka thank the gods it’s over)

Challenge Mode Silver

Team sadomasochist finally finished the all of the Challenge Mode: Silver dungeons. We have the title for the Bronze and the mount for the Silver. We’ve decided that we are not going for Gold, as we value what little of our sanity we still have.

Our group composition gave us 3 b-rezzes (hunter used a Quilen pet). We also made good use of those b-rezzes. As in, there was always a b-rez on cooldown in the group at all times, if not all of them.

Tank Healer DPS
Death Knight Druid Hunter – Beast Master
Mage – Frost
Rogue – Combat

For all of the dungeons, CC where you can (it can be your bestest friend ever) and don’t over-pull. Follow the boss mechanics and you’ll be fine. I’ve ordered the dungeons in what I believe to be easiest to hardest.

Auchidoun Probably the easiest of the CM dungeons. It’s a good dungeon to get into the challenge mode mentality.

The only group of mobs that you want to be especially careful of are the trash mobs right before Soulbinder Nyami.  You will blow all your cool-downs on that fight.

Also, AoE stuns or interrupts are your best friend for the Imps.

Druid CC on the Abyssal in the last fight saves a ton of aggravation.

Iron Docks The initial trash mobs are the worst. Just plan where you will pull them, so you don’t accidentally pull others.

After the first boss, let the tank mount up and pull the Ogrons to the stars. Tank hops in a star and insta-kills the ogrons. Don’t have any HoTs running on the tank or they’ll turn on the healer and crush him.

Skyreach This dungeon has an amusing “skip the trash” shortcut. Have a hunter pet run up to Ranjit’s platform. It follows a minute gap in the wall right next to where you zone in. The druid uses Wild Charge to fly to the pet on Ranjit’s platform. Stealth down to right next to the wall where your allies are, swap to Travel Form (glyphed with Glyph of the Stag) and your group can hop on your back (over the wall) and bypass all but the last group on the first platform.

The Rukhran trash was the worst of the bunch.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds While a lot of the trash in this dungeon was annoyingly heavy hitting, the only trash pack that truly sucked was the 2 Void Spawns right before Ner’zhul. If I recall correctly, we used the druid root on one of the mobs and the DK pulled the other to the doorway. This gave us enough distance from the other that we only needed to worry about interrupting the one we were whittling away on.
Bloodmaul Slag Mines The Magmolatus Gauntlet sucks. There’s no other way to say it. If possible, try and stage your dying and use of b-rezzes vs. running back in so that you’ve always got someone there able to tank, heal, or dps. If you can eek by and get them down without the mobs resetting from everyone dying, you’re golden.

Roltall is still Roltall. That fight sucks on heroic, it sucks on Mythic, and Challenge Mode is absolutely no different.

The Everbloom There are 2 bosses here that will make you question your sanity for doing challenge modes at all.

The first boss that will piss you off: the wall jumps (2 jumps specifically, 1 to skip a ton of trash heading to Witherbark, and the other to skip a ton of trash heading to the Ancient Protectors). That’s right, a simple jumping game will piss you off to no end. However, you’ll either get really good at the jumps, or you’ll accept that you’ll always be hopping into a multi-person vehicle for a carry.

The second boss that will piss you off: The Ancient Protectors in The Everbloom. This council fight is a “how many cool downs can you overlap on each other to try and squeeze out a little extra through-put from each?” fight. The winning combination for Restoration Druids is to pop Tree of Life when things start going south a little before Life Warden Gola is down and use Tranquility before Tree of Life falls off.

Once at least one person in your group with a multi-person vehicle masters the jump, and your group downs the Protectors, the rest of the run is basically a piece of cake (comparatively).

Upper Black Rock Spire We saved this one for the very last one, because we thought it was going to be the worst. Well, it wasn’t, it was very solidly second place for suckage. Turns out Grimrail is the worst (or was for us) by far.

Make no mistake, all the trash in this instance is endowed with an overabundance of suckage. However, if you’re methodical with the kills, they’re all fairly easy to deal with.

The exceptions are the mobs after Kyrak and the mobs right before Ragewing.

On the Ragewing fight, set markers along the back fence (the side where Ragewing isn’t). Ranged folks should be butted up against the back fence when pew-pewing or healing. Only side-step for getting out of the Magma Spit. This allows the front fence to be magma free when you are running to avoid the Engulfing Flame or the Fire Storms.

The Warlord Zaela fight ranks up there in true suckage. Zoom your camera way out and above you so you can see all of the platform and where the drakes are. Be very careful with b-rezzes, as it is VERY easy to pop back up where fire is. Don’t lose your cool on this fight and just get used to the dancing game with the fires. Stay close-ish to where the drake fire currently is, so you can step into the safe zone when a drake leaves. The drakes always go to a different spot each time they land on a side.

Grimrail Depot This dungeon can die in a fire.

Nitrogg Thundertower was, hands down, the absolute worst boss of all of the Challenge Modes. If we had done this dungeon as one of the first 4 or 5, we probably would have simply said “Screw this!” and never looked at Challenge Modes again.

Thinking back to the rest of the instance, there wasn’t really anything noteworthy. Nitrogg just sucks. We’re talking Hoover and Eureka are knocking on his casket looking for his secret to sucking so hard. I still cringe when I hear a train horn.

Did I happen to mention that Nitrogg sucks?


3 thoughts on “CM rundown (aka thank the gods it’s over)

    1. Yeah, finding a group with a strong penchant for self-flagellation is a rarity indeed. I’m very proud of the team. I think we’re even going to give Mythic+ a go too.

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