RNGeesus is a fickle one.


Our father, who art RNGesus,
Fickle be thy nature.
Thy drop rates rise,
Thy drop rates fall,
in our raids, as well as in our heroics.
Give us this day our daily and weekly lewts,
And forgive us our disbelief,
As we forgive those who vendor raid gear we need,
And lead us not into rage quitting,
But deliver unto us epics.
For thine are the game mechanics, and the power, and the blame,
For ever and ever, or until the next patch

No that’s not original. I took a couple different RNGesus prayers and squished/tweaked them into this.

I did my weekly run for Fragments of Val’anyr on my druid. He got 1. Out of 14 bosses, only 1 measly fragment dropped. I’ve been averaging 3 to 5 a week. So winding up with just one was a bitter pill to swallow. I was going to rant and rail about the cruel nature of RNGesus, but I’m not going to. RNGesus giveth and RNGesus taketh away. Last week, I wound up with Invincible’s Reins. So I won’t complain at all. I’ve been able to remove another raid from my mount farming circulation. Also, the number of Shadowfrost Shards for this week (and last week for that matter) wasn’t nerfed. So not going to rant at all.

Plus, the amazingly talented Fussypants of Growing Up In Azeroth finished my BlizzCon badge (no I’m not going, but I wanted to contribute to her BlizzCon fund and wanted a Fussypants original of my own).


I was also able to finally fish up the 15 Pound Mud Snapper in Stonebull Lake, finally giving me One That Didn’t Get Away as well as Accomplished Angler for my Salty title. I rolled up a Tauren Druid to learn the Balance spec and figured I’d give it a go.

So all said and done, RNGesus hath smiled upon me of late. I will take the blessings with grace and dignity.

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