Busy Work through the Lull

With WoD heavily into the lull, there’s a lot of “What are we going to do tonight, Brain?” At this point in the game, the answer is “Same thing we do every night, Bodhi. Farm old instances.”

What are we going to do tonigh

With this week’s lockout, I’ve completed Shadowmourne on my warrior and Val’anyr on my druid.

The only legendary left is Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. Did Someone Say… Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker? Yes, I said Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. Yes, I know it’s corny, but I love it when folks start that up in trade chat. It amuses my inner mouth-breather. Once I have (no, I’m not going to say it again) one of my own, I won’t be spamming trade chat with it. I will still giggle like an idiot when I see others do it though.

The 4 mounts I’m regularly farming these days are Mimiron’s Head, Ashes of Al’ar, Blue Proto-Drake, and Rivendare’s Deathcharger.

Mimiron’s Head:

I have a lockout on a second account with every boss down except for Algalon and Yogg-Saron. My 8 level capped alliance toons run Yogg in under an hour. For the horde side, I don’t have a toon above level 65 on the second account, so I can’t save the instance lock over there. One of my horde Engineers uses their Wormhole Generator: Northrend to port to Storm Peaks (which dumps you on one of the platforms of Ulduar) and take every boss down except for Algalon and Yogg-Saron. I then use a Horde DK on my second account to share that lock out. My 7 level capped horde toons run Yogg in about an hour and a half.

Ashes of Al’ar:

This one I’m not focusing as much attention on. However, at a minimum, I still send my 2 warriors to farm this one. My engineers use either Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley’s Station or Dimensional Ripper – Area 52 and are basically right there. Most weeks, my druid, mage, and monk are thrown in to the mix too. Once Mimiron’s Head is acquired, I’ll be sending all toons that can equip the Staff of Disintigration (I could send the DK’s but the mind control and stun annoy me enough that I just don’t bother with them).

Blue Proto-Drake:

I have 5 engineers on my account, all equipped with their Wormhole Generator: Northrend to port to Howling Ford (which coincidentally drops them on one of the balconies of Utgarde Keep). For my engineers, from garrison to looting Skadi to taking a seat back in their town halls, it takes about 3 minutes. I skip the first 2 bosses and head strait for the Skadi hallway.

Rivendare’s Deathcharger:

Since this is a normal dungeon, I spam this run over and over again on one of my DK’s. I have the process down to a very simple process

At level 100, my route is:

  • Death Gate to Acherus.
  • Empty the toon’s bags.
  • Take the flight point to Northpass Tower.
  • It’s a quick jaunt over to Eastwall Gate.
  • Open the first gate after the instance loads (you’ll see Magistrate Barthilas running to the next set of gates), and run to the gate the Magistrate just phased through. Open it then head down the “L” shaped hallway to the next gate that leads you to the open area of the instance. If you wind up aggroing mobs, ignore them. Just let them trail you to the first boss.
  • Head to Nerub’enkan (when you get to the main area, he’s down the first walkway on the left) and drop Death and Decay on him. Run into the ziggurat and let the train of mobs following you die in your D&D. Aggro the 5 mobs in the ziggurat and try to get them to die in your D&D (for any mobs that didn’t hit the D&D before it vanished, kill them with a Bloodboil).
  • From there head to Baroness Anastari (far right side of the instance) and do the same thing (ignore mobs follwoing you, D&D on the boss, let the train of mobs die in D&D as you aggro the 5 mobs inside, BB to clean up).
  • Next, Maleki the Pallid, same process as the prior 2 bosses. This route prevents you from getting stuck in the gate gauntlet that is between Nerub’enkan and Maleki (not that it’s a problem, I just hate waiting in there). If you’re a rogue, mage, or druid, you can take the bosses in any order. You’ve got speed boosts to prevent getting trapped in the gate gauntlet.
  • Kill Magistrate Barthilas (D&D and BB to clean up), or not. He’s a good stopping point if you’ve got mobs following you, but not necessary in the least.
  • Aggro the 9 Venom/Bile Belchers leading to Rivendare’s hidey-hole. One BB kills the belchers, another BB kills the oozlings. Then one-shot Rammstein with any ability. I typically use Death Strike because it’s on a handy key-bind.
  • Aggro all of the zombies and let them follow you to the entry way of Rivendare’s hidey-hole. Drop Death and Decay in the entrance way and the zombies go “POOF!” A second or two later, the 5 knights appear and also go “POOF!” to the D&D.
  • One-shot Rivendare with any ability. Pray to RNGesus and loot the corpse. Then curse RNGesus for smiting you again.

There you have it. Dead side of Stratholme with only 5 Death and Decays, 6 Blood Boils, and 2 [whatever ability] (YMMV as some mobs are slow and you might need a Deathgrip to hurry the process up). Rinse and repeat to spam Stratholme. The trip from Deathgate to Deathgate is right about 8 minutes. You are not going to hit the 10 instances in an hour limit with this spam. So you can just keep doing this until you loose your mind.

3 thoughts on “Busy Work through the Lull

  1. Oh my, we need new content badly! I did eight runs at Mimron’s Head this week; using characters that had not left their garrison since the Winter Veil holiday. Since we know that RNGeesus is a fickle one, I am now throwing rolls of the dice in volume. (it worked for Ashes of Alar).
    I get paranoid that I’m doing one little thing wrong. As far as I know, it’s Ulduar 25 Heroic with the watchers uninvited. I even started hunting around the area in case there was a different loot box somewhere.
    As to Utgarde Pinnacle … my goal is to reach the Skadi guy before the first boss finishes her speech.
    Good luck; the mount grind is perfect for the end-of-the-expansion blues.

    1. Yeah, you’re doing the Yogg encounter correctly. I verified with 2 someones that got the mount. No watchers, and kill Yogg. That’s it.

      Yeah, the mini-game for me with Utgarde, is to see how much time I can have left on the dbm counter for “Svala active” when Skadi starts blabbering. My best time was on a druid (used displacer beast on cooldown and filled in the blanks with dash and stampeding roar). I had 40-something seconds left before Svala activated.

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