Well now, that was an “interesting” way to waste an afternoon.


Just as EVERYONE else in Azeroth and Draenor has been doing, I’ve been going through my toons and squeezing out some last minute gold with a bit of garrison housekeeping.

While cycling through my toons, I landed on my Inscriptionist. He had some War Paints laying around (1320 to be exact). My options were make 13 staves and vendor them, or test my luck with Cards of Omens. If I made and vendored 13 Etched-Blade Warstaves (55 gold each), I’d have only made 715 gold. So I decided to test my luck.

That many paints netted 2640 cards. This is the breakdown of the cards that I got.

  • 1 epic (only the 1000 gold card)
  • 36 rare (50 gold and 100 gold cards)
  • 215 uncommon (5 gold, 10 gold, and 20 gold cards)
  • 2388 common (didn’t bother looking at the denominations).

Even with a macro to /use Card of Omens and a macro to sell Blood Cards, it took a good long while to complete. In the end, I wound up with 6383 gold. That’s a far cry better than 715.

I think I’m done with WoW for the day. My brain is numb and I have plans this evening.

To my readers, happy housekeeping.

6 thoughts on “Well now, that was an “interesting” way to waste an afternoon.

  1. @Marathal_2_0

    I have been doing that on my scribe for several months now. What I have found is that an epic pops up about every 1500 cards flipped. I too have had many 1000g cards, 3 cards have popped up yielding 2000g, and I did see a 3000g one once. If you have enough Warpaints come MondY night, it’s worth trying for another since you were close to 3000 cards.

    1. I still have lots of herbs, so mass milling and work orders are still happening. Probably will well up through the launch of Legion. However, I’ve got a renewed interest now. I’ll keep track of the good cards. I’m curious if I’ll see a similar pattern of 3K cards.

      1. @Marathal_2_0

        I’m curious if they will nerf it in some way. With one Alt with the trading post collecting Garrison resources to be converted to herbs, I could be making 1k cards every week and a half. Unless there is something more profitable in Legion, many may keep a small army making things.

  2. I am naïve, but there is a hope that (new) Dalaran will offer a chance for my professions to go to 800. With two +’s next to the cards, maybe I’ll get some easy profession points while I do this!

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