Pre-patch ground zero

Patch 7.0 is on us. The world is ending. All WoW subscribers are terminating their subscriptions. Panic! MAYHEM! IT’S THE APOCALYPSE!


Okay, no. Not really. There’s a lot of relearning that folks will need to do. There’s a lot of getting over themselves that some of the QQers need to do. There are also folks that need to legitimately walk away because they are done.

I’ve been trying to figure out my new and nerfed/improved specs. I’m fortunate in that Restoration Druid is nearly identical to what it was 4 days ago. Some of the other toons, well, let’s just say I have some more relearning to do.

Void storage vaults on ALL of my toons are empty. Banks on ALL of my toons are empty. Transmog bank tabs on ALL of my bank guilds are empty. Bags on ALL of my toons are close to empty. It took the better part of yesterday afternoon (of course, that’s only 19 toons with 6 of them being level 90 or lower and only 2 bank guilds that had only 2 xmog tabs each). I think about one of my guildies who has 20-something level 100s, along with a smattering of other toons here and there and a bunch of bank guilds/tabs, I feel so sorry for her.

Last night, we had a fun run of Heroic lower HFC. We carried a couple people for gear and also so that friends/family could play together and see raiding. We also did this to get the raiding gears spinning again and to help folks get some meaningful practice on their new face-rolling technique. In just a little under 2 hours, we cleared the lower citadel. I believe we only wiped once on Fel Reaver and once on Gorefiend. I don’t recall wiping on any of the other bosses.  For the first time raiding as a guild in many months, I’d say we did a fairly stellar job of it.

I’m cautiously optimistic about Legion.

2 thoughts on “Pre-patch ground zero

  1. It’s like cleaning the garage and then packing up stuff for long time storage.
    Ending WoD with it’s staggering number of Alts and all of the junk that we’ve been dragging around is a relief. Returning to a much smaller set of game characters is a bit of a shock!
    I envy you your raid testing, I think my raid leader is waiting for Demon Hunters.

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