Now for something completely different…

My post yesterday was me waking up from a seriously stupid bout of depression. Pay close attention to your minds folks. It’s really easy to let your internal demons troll you. It will affect your relationships, your health, and your interactions at work…and that’s bad, m’kay.

Now, onto my subject for today. Macros.


I try to make my toons as uniform as possible. Back when, when every class needed 5 million action bar buttons (I might be exaggerating by a million or two there), button space was very precious. I made it a point to group rarely used utilitarian spells into a single macro to conserve space.

One way I’ve consolidated space is profession macros. This handles both primary professions and all secondary professions except for fishing (I handle that specially…you’ll see in a bit) in only 2 macros. The macros below are from a toon that has Mining and Engineering.

Macro name: “prof 1”

Pressing [alt] is Cooking. Pressing [ctrl] is Cooking Fire. Pressing [shift] is Mining Skills. No modifier is Engineering.

/use [mod:alt]Cooking; [mod:ctrl]Cooking Fire; [mod]Mining Skills; Engineering;

Macro name: “prof2”

Pressing [alt] is First Aid. Pressing any other modifier is Archaeology. No modifier is Survey.

/use [mod:alt]First Aid; [mod]Archaeology; Survey;

Another way I’ve consolidated items is port macros. All of these macros are named “prt [something]” so that they are grouped together in the macro listing. The [something] tends to be 3 letters or less, so the whole macro name appears on the screen.

This is the general port macro for most toons. It currenly only has the Hearthstone and the teleport cloak. If your guild doesn’t have the Cloak of Coordination unlocked yet, then substitute the Wrap of Unity or the Shroud of Coordination. Come Legion, the new Dalaran Hearthstone will be added to these macros.

Macro name: “prt”

Pressing [alt] uses the teleport cloak, though it requires 2 presses. First equips the teleport cloak, the second uses the teleport cloak.

/equip [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination;
/use [mod:alt]Cloak of CoordinationHearthstone;

Deathknight port macro.

Macro name: “prt dk”

This behaves exactly like “prt.” However, if you use any other modifier, it casts Death Gate.

/equip [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination
/use [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination; [mod]Death GateHearthstone;

Druid port macro.

Macro name: “prt dr”

This behaves exactly like “prt.” However, if you use any other modifier, it teleports you to Moonglade.

/equip [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination
/use [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination; [mod]Teleport: MoongladeHearthstone;

Shaman port macro.

Macro name: “prt sh”

This behaves exactly like “prt.” However, if you use any other modifier, it casts Astral Recall.

/equip [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination
/use [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination; [mod]Astral RecallHearthstone;

All engineers get 2 macros for porting (one is a specialization-specific macro, and the other is not specialization-specific).

Macro name: “prt saf” since it uses the “ultraSAFe” teleporters.

This is the first macro for gnomish engineers. This behaves exactly like “prt.” However, if you use [ctrl], it uses the Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley’s Station. If you use [shift], it uses Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan.

/equip [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination;
/use [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination; [mod:ctrl]Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley’s Station; [mod]Ultrasafe Transporter: GadgetzanHearthstone;

Macro name: “prt rip” since it uses the “dimensional RIPper” teleporters.

This is the first macro for goblin engineers.This behaves exactly like “prt.” However, if you use [ctrl], it uses the Dimensional Ripper – Area 52. If you use [shift], it uses Dimensional Ripper – Everlook.

/equip [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination;
/use [mod:alt]Cloak of Coordination; [mod:ctrl]Dimensional Ripper – Area 52; [mod]Dimensional Ripper – EverlookHearthstone;

Macro name: “prt en” since it’s usable by all ENgineers. I believe the Legion teleporter will not be specialization specific. So it will be added to this one come August 30th.

This is the second macro that all engineers will use. If you use [ctrl], it uses Wormhole Generator: Northrend. If you use any other modifier, it uses Wormhole Generator: Pandaria. With no modifier it uses Wormhole Centrifuge.

/use [mod:ctrl]Wormhole Generator: Northrend; [mod]Wormhole Generator: Pandaria; Wormhole Centrifuge;

The garrison port macro includes the Admiral’s Compass (an often forgotten port) as well as the Bodyguard Miniaturization Device (which isn’t a port, but is still important when in your garrison).

Macro name: “prt gar”

Pressing [alt] uses the compass. Pressing any other modifier, it will reduce the size of your bodyguard.

/use [mod:alt]Admiral’s Compass; [mod]Bodyguard Miniaturization Device; Garrison Hearthstone;

I’m still one of those folks that falls back to using keyboard for moving, from time to time. As such, my “F” key is a really handy key for frequently used things. This one is one of my finer accomplishments. I bound the F key to an action bar slot and put this macro there on all my toons. This macro makes use of equipment sets. My dps toons have a “dps” equipment set. My healers have a “heal” set. My tanks have a “tank” set. All toons have a “fish” set.

Macro name: “f”

This is my feral druid version of the macro. Pressing [shift], it equips the “dps” set. Pressing [ctrl] when not in combat, it equips the “fish” set. With a fishing pole equipped and no modifiers pressed, it tries to fish. If you don’t want to equip the fishing pole, but still want to fish, press [alt] and it tries to fish using the stick and string default fishing pole. With no fishing pole equipped and no modifier pressed, it uses the signature filler spell (in this case Shred).

/equipset [mod:shift]dps; [nocombat, mod:ctrl]fish;
/use [nocombat,mod:alt][nocombat,worn:Fishing Poles]Fishing; [mod]null; Shred;

The “null” is so that it doesn’t try and do anything when [ctrl] or [shift] is pressed. Otherwise, it’d try to cast another line in the water, or it’ll give you an error saying there’s nothing to attack. I use the equipment set portion of this macro right after using the teleport cloak to re-equip my dps cloak (inter-macro utilitarianism).

For healers/tanks, the macro would be changed as follows:

  • “dps” set would be replaced by “heal”/”tank”
  • The Shred spell would be replace by a heal/tank spell.

Similar to my “F” macro. I have a “G” macro. My index finger has an odd curve to it that makes the “G” on the keyboard handy.

Macro name: “g”

This is the feral druid version. When in combat, it casts Survival Instincts as personal damage mitigation. Otherwise, it stealths/unstealths you.

/cast [combat]Survival Instincts; Prowl;

Here’s my resto druid version. When in combat, it casts Barkskin as personal damage mitigation. Otherwise, it stealths/unstealths you.

/cast [combat]Barkskin; Prowl;

Here’s the rogue version of this macro. When in combat, it’s Feint as a personal damage mitigator. Unstealthed and with no modifiers, it stealths you. If you’re currently stealthed and press any modifier, it unstealths you. Stealthed with no modifier, it tries to sap the current target. If I press it again on the same target, it tries to pick that target’s pocket. When I change targets, it resets back to sap.

/use [combat] Feint; [nostealth][stealth,mod] Stealth;
/castsequence [stealth, nomodifier] reset=target Sap, Pick Pocket

My healers have a macro that uses their version of “Mass Resurrection” and their other resurrection spells.

Macro name: “raise”

This is the resto druid version. In combat, it casts Rebirth (also shows you at a glance how many b-rezzes are available). Out of combat, it casts Revive. Pressing the [alt] key, when out of combat, it’s the “Mass Rez.”

/use [combat]Rebirth; [mod:alt]Revitalize; Revive;

As you can see, I do my best to homogenize my classes. If things behave similarly and are accessed by the same key/mouse sequences, alts become a little easier to swap between.

Even my Vuh’Do configuration is similar between healing classes. I try to define the heals as big/small, expensive/cheap, single/group. Then assign similar type spells to the same mouse buttons between the classes.

I have a ton of other macros that still need to be cleaned up after the havoc that 7.0 wreaked on them. As I get the next set hammered out, I’ll post those. Another one that I’m really proud of is my all-in-one travel macro for druids, but it needs some serious reworking (it works as is, but has the potential for SOOOOO much more now).

2 thoughts on “Now for something completely different…

  1. Now this is what I’m talking about!
    Well, done; well done. Those are some pretty slick macros, I have to say; learning to place them consistently across all of one’s characters must be the (ahem) key.
    Thank you.

    1. The hard part is when there’s a massive overhaul on abilities/toys/talents. I need to go back and rethink the placement of some items on my action bars now. Meaning unlearning where things are and relearning where they are.

      /emote whimpers at the though of un/re-learning.

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