Heroic Gear…feel the burn!

Over the weekend, the guild “finished up” heroic HFC post 7.0. I’m using the quotes because Iskar is seriously BORKED-THE-FARQ-UP at the moment. Be careful, if you get hit with the fel flame lazer, you could be burning for the remainder of the fight. Also, be careful, if there’s fire on the ground that isn’t showing up and you walk through it, you could be burning for the remainder of the fight. We finally had enough and said FARQ-IT.

We one-shot both Manny and Archie. SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!! Fortune smiled upon me as I was the only one going after the vanquisher trinket token. So I’m rocking the  heroic class trinket (Seed of Creation), which is sitting quite nicely with the full heroic tier set (Oathclaw Wargarb). I noticed Kazzak’s item drops have been buffed up a bit. So I need to try and nab some goodies from him too.

I feel the need to mention Add-Ons, too. It seems that Add-Ons were a subject going around in the circles that I cyber-stalk. I use a few of them. Even going as far as to use a modified UI. Use or don’t use as you see fit to make your gaming experience what you want it to be.

If you’re interested:

  • ElvUI  – I’m rather fond of the sleek look.
  • Alt-aholic – If you have more than 3 toons on a server, you want this for keeping track of all the crap they have.
  • Deadly Boss Mods  – This one (or one like it) is somewhat mandatory for raiding.
  • Geary – Being able to see if your pugged members are properly geared can sometimes be the difference between wipe-fest and smooth sailing. Though, it doesn’t seem to work with 7.0 yet.
  • GTFO – It is so easy to miss that you are standing in flaming poop in the middle of an encounter. This yells at you when you start tunnel-visioning and wind up burning.
  • Master Plan – I know I could handle this myself, I just never cared enough to do the tables without this addon.
  • PetBattle Teams – If you’re doing celestial tournament, or doing the daily tamers around the worlds regularly, this is an awesome addon. You select your team, and it grabs the correct pets and sets the abilities you’ve saved for that encounter team.
  • Recount – Some use Skada. Whatever, it’s just an analysis tool I refer to for looking at what spells folks are using in an encounter. I could use the Logs, but this is easier for me to refer to right after an encounter.
  • Saved Instances – “Have I run Tempest Keep on both warriors and the monk?” “Have I missed sending any toons into Ulduar for the Mimiron mount?” “Did I send all my engineers to Utguard Pinnacle for the Blue Proto-Drake today?” All of these answers, and more are answered by simply hovering over a button next to the minimap. I don’t have to maintain spreadsheets.
  • Vuh’do – I prefer healing with Vuh’do. It just does SOOOOOOOOO much.
  • Weak Auras2 – I am finding that the built in proc-notifications are getting better, but this still does quite a bit more.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

3 thoughts on “Heroic Gear…feel the burn!

  1. Iskar is a-bugging. If you get the fire and it won’t go away, run through the fire again; no kidding!

    Can I put in a good word for Titan Panel? This little thin strip of UI space at the top of your screen is chock full of good information. Though, I’m guessing if you use a UI suite then it’s probably already done.
    At base, it has coordinates, gold tracking, gear durability and one-click bag opening. It also has plug-in modules that can be added to track almost anything or to work in tandem with other addons.

      1. Yeah. If you get the fire debuff and it’s honking at you via GTFO to get out of the fire even when there is no fire, run through the fire again and it will turn off. Crazy, no?
        I got it from the blood spill from heartseeker on Killrogg and it would not turn off until the fight was over, same with the stuff on the ground in phase three on the Tyrant. At least with the fire, you can run through it again — I didn’t have the presence to try it on the others but I betcha it would work.

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