An awfully big hit to my sanity…

I did it. I completed the An Awfully Big Adventure achievement. I do believe I require therapy now. The achievement takes 3 or 4 weeks complete, since it requires you to beat all 9 of the non-celestials in the Celestial Tournament and you have to defeat the Feasels at the Dark Moon Fair.


If you are a completionist, you will do this one and you have my deepest sympathies. Personally, I believe this should have awarded a pink elekk mount instead of a ghostly pachyderm pet.


There are 44 battles that have to take place here. I would suggest that you not sit down and do 38 of them in one day (which is the most you can do on your first day, assuming the DMF is up). Break it up a LOT over the 3 or 4 weeks you need. Psychosis is not fun. I was still recovering from the Insane in the Membrane achievement, so I’ve developed a new twitch.

I used the An Awfully Big (and Comprehensive) Adventure guide as a starting point. I didn’t have all of the pets that they suggested leveled to 25. I’ve accumulated a good collections of level 25s, so I substituted where I could. Fortunately, the pet battle event happened during my awfully big slog. So I was able to level up a couple pets that I didn’t have a suitable replacements for. There is one pet that you HAVE to have. It’s a pet that most have ignored as a rare treasure in Talador. The Teroclaw Hatchling is amazing. As a flying pet, you get the speed buff when your health is high. So your dodge blocks 2 rounds of attacks, and you almost always attack first with Alpha Strike. The Nature’s Ward is a solid ability too. I don’t ever recall the hatchling dropping below 60% health in any of its fights.

In the grand scheme of all things pets, I’m just 2 celestial tournaments from being completely done with it. I do wish I’d have started the tournament 2 weeks earlier than I did. I’d have been done before the Howl-Bomb nerf. I utilized the howl bomb for the 4 final bosses. Now I have to figure out a new strategy. I could just say “farq it!” However, I want the last of the celestial battle pets in my collection.

3 thoughts on “An awfully big hit to my sanity…

  1. Dang, dooder, you ARE investing heavily in the Sanity Department. I’m about halfway through the Big Adventure, I kind of lost interest but will return when things slow down again.
    I think the best thing about finishing the Celestial Tournament is the unique pet rewards. I’ve seen more players /pet and /pat those battle pets than any other pet I’ve run around with. A bit of Insanity Status.

    1. Add to the insanity…

      I spent a couple of hours last night in a garrison fishing raid. I’m seriously wondering whether or not I should be institutionalized.

      Plus side: got the other turtle mount I was missing. Only need 100 more coins for the 2 pets.

      Negative side: I’m seriously considering doing it again Wednesday night after raid to get those last 100 coins.

      1. I’m guessing that those fishing raids will scatter down to nothing like rats from a sinking Invasion. The cool clear breeze of Invasions, demon hunters, dark whispers with re-focus you with new and interesting things to do besides … uh … a fishing raid!
        Sane and reasonable things to do again, praise Elune!

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