I did another thing…but why?

With the closing of the Heralds of the Titans runs, I started leveling up Bodhirana (my Brewmaster Monk) again. I have another level 100 toon on the farm. This makes 14 of them. With Demon Hunters only 2 days away, and starting at level 98, the funny farm will be at 15 max level toons by this weekend.



What good is another toon sitting there and teasing me on the login screen about how much time I’d like to spend playing, with the reality crashing in that there isn’t enough time in the day?


I am now doubled up on Deathknights, Monks, and Warriors.

On the plus side, one more engineer in the mix (meaning quicker to get to Tempest Keep and Ulduar for the weekly disappointments for Mimiron’s Head and Ashes of Al’ar. As well as Utgarde Pinnacle the daily disappointment for the Blue Proto-Drake). I have 6 engineers now. Come Tuesday or Wednesday, I’m likely to have my 7th.

Again, WHY?!?!?!?

Then again, why not? It’s not like this some sort of existential crisis in my life.

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