2 hours fishing!?!? In a video game!?!?!?

I think the title says it all. Last night, after Team Sadomasochist finished up the achievements for Glory of the Draenor Hero, I wasn’t quite ready for bed. I still had some whiskey left to drink, and I’d heard of the garrison fishing raids being a good way to fish up the Riding Turtle and Nat’s Lucky Coins. I gave it a shot.

I’d previously fished up enough lunkers from around HFC’s moat to purchase the Crimson Water Strider. In the 2 hours (give or take a bit) I fished up the Riding Turtle and enough of the coins to buy Nat’s Drinking Hat  and the Draenic Fishing Pole.

I’m planning on using this as a time filler. When I don’t really have anything pressing to do, but can’t actually devote enough attention to the game to do anything of substance, I’ll pick up enough coins to purchase the Sea Calf and the Land Shark (not to be confused with the Left Shark). I’ve occasionally seen both pets on the AH for a decent amount. If I can pick up some extras to sell on the AH by mindlessly clicking on a computer next to me, more power to my wallet.

2 thoughts on “2 hours fishing!?!? In a video game!?!?!?

  1. Fishing is for football season, no wonder you are agog.
    I think if you are selling for gold, the Felbat Pup is cagable and has a very limited opportunity — that could be the winner now and again later.

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