Having fun with the new hotness…

I have decided to drink the Kool-Aid. I rolled up Zewell (my first demon hunter) and enjoyed the hell out of it. The starting zone was a lot of fun. Fairly straight forward and nowhere near the time sink of the DK or Panda starting zones.

They’ve taken the nifty-ness of turning into a demon away from warlocks and given it to the demon hunter. They’ve taken the mobility of the monk and said “Pffft! You think that that was mobility? Check this out… *points at double jump, glide, fel rush, and the ability combine any/all of them all into amazing feats of acrobatics in the battle field*” They’ve taken the sexiness of elves and merged them with bad-ass-ness of the Draenai devil horns to come up with an amazing model (both male and female…and both Alliance and Horde). Melee dps is not my typically preferred play style, but this is very engaging and amusing. This class is such a change in fighting paradigm, that I’ve even changed my rules for armor transmog. Since this class is all about demonic power and mobility, I wanted the armor to appear to be non-inhibiting. As per my normal, I pulled items from almost every expansion with this set (only missed MoP).


Helm: Cursed Vision of Sargeras (honestly, how could I NOT use this on a demon hunter?)
Shoulders: Gale-Wind Guard
Back: not displayed
Chest: Tunic of the Soulbinder
Wrists: Supple Bracers (probably the first time bracers have ever been visible in an xmog of mine)
Hands: Crystalbinder Gloves
Waist: Riplimb’s Lost Collar
Legs: Thunderlord Leggings
Boots: Duskwing Boots
Weapons: Lionhead Slasher

View in WoWHead Dressing Room.

On another note, I want the ability [Headbutt] to be added to the game that is available only to horned toons (Draenai, Tauren, and Demon Hunters). I want to see a Ready, Set, Goat! kind of achievement that’s only attainable by horned toons using this ability. Visualize something along the lines of the “U WOT M8” sheep and his heavy bag.


2 thoughts on “Having fun with the new hotness…

    1. No, not my new main. Just a bundle of amusement on the side. I’m still not sure which toon I’ll be maining in Legion. I’m leaning towards my druid. However, if we’ve got too many healers (doubtful with the sudden influx of melee dps), it will either be my human fury warrior or my gnome mm hunter.

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