Legion is here…meh

It’s been quiet on my blog lately. It’s going to continue to be quiet here for a while.

Legion has landed and I’m underwhelmed. I’ve leveled my druid to 110. I’ve focused my artifact power towards my healing artifact. I’ve accumulated the other 3 artifacts.


The zones are pretty. The quest hubs (mostly) don’t have you going all over Hel’s creation to move on. The bonus objectives aren’t tedious. The leveling process is right on par with the leveling process from WoD.

However, I’m not enjoying it. I’m not thrilled with how the artifact locks you into a particular play style then penalizes you if you want to play something different. I’m not thrilled with how professions are gated behind quests. I’m salty that flight is going to be (more than likely) a year and a half out. The class hall campaign feels very slapped together (no real cohesion to anything other than “do  this…now, do this other thing…now pat your head and rub your belly…put your left hand in…pull your left hand out…do the garrison hokie pokie…”).

A large portion of my apathy for Legion is due to my personal life up-ending. So it’s very difficult to find enjoyment in a game for which I have a larger list of negatives than positives. I’m going to be taking a break. Or maybe this is where I decide that I need to just hang up my WoW hat. I don’t know right now.

3 thoughts on “Legion is here…meh

  1. Understandable. It’s hard to be enthusiastic for the virtual stuff when things are on fire in the real world. If you take a break, permanently or not, we’re here. Stay in contact in some manner. It’s been an honor and a privilege playing (and dying over and over and over) with you, and I’m happy to count you as a virtual friend.

    1. Thank you. You’re an awesome individual. From the two of us approaching Pants for about a gift commission project, to the gift for LR’s Son and his bride, you just radiate awesomeness. Keep being epic.

  2. Yes. The icy patch, for me, is when I start say that it is “good enough” and leave it behind. It is also a warning sign too when recognized!
    Often the early weeks of an expansion feels like Busy Work until we can get to the things that are fun; like group play in raiding. Then there is a clear focus on what I need to do to get better.
    Good luck, pal.

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