Feeling the itch…

…like a junkie coming down off that thrill…hardcore withdrawal symptoms.


My personal life never recovered from its up-ending. I don’t know if I’ll be putting the details of my personal life (or rather what was my personal life) up on this blog space. Suffice to say, things change.

My WoW friends have been there with me during it all. Even though I wasn’t logging in to the game. They were there to lend an ear, or just keep me company when I didn’t have anything to say, but didn’t want to be alone.

My thoughts are as choppy as this entry. Perhaps my eloquence will return in due time.

I will be sticking my toes back in the pool.

3 thoughts on “Feeling the itch…

  1. Walker

    I’d joke about resisting WoW’s siren song, but I’m susceptible too. I’m just lucky that I replaced my computer and never got around to installing it on the new one. I’ve lost track of how many expansions have come out since then.

  2. There is this place in the Broken Isles, High Mountain I think, where you go up this hill and around a tree, if you look and click just right — there is an Achievement! Go on, take the bait.

    Welcome back.

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