*taps mic* Does this thing still work?

I’ve been logging into the game here and there, mostly on my main (still my druid Aes). I poke my head into guild chat from time to time. I look at how far behind I am with leveling my artifacts (resto and feral) and get a bit discouraged. I look at my primary professions and see that I’m gated behind group content to push those forward and get a bit discouraged.

Still, for a toon that’s only done most of EN (N) once, EN (LFR) a little over twice-ish, and ToV (LFR) once, I’ve been able to push him to an iLevel of 867. It pleases me. I’m also still a decent healer in LFR (granted saying you’re decent in LFR means you aren’t trying to intentionally wipe the raid, it still feels good to know I’m not completely rusty).

I was in the mood to play last night, but wasn’t sure what to do. So I decided to see what the deal was with the fishing artifact. I thought “Interesting! What the hell, I don’t have anything else going on this evening.” I’ve got the fishing artifact. I enjoyed that little quest line. The Bigger Fish to Fry achievement was a bit of a grind. I use the Legion Fishing Artifact, Underlight Angler (Patch 7.1) guide and found it pretty straightforward.

The big tricks from the guide:

  1. find a group for fishing up the Drowned Mana to purchase 30 Arcane Lures. I wound up having about 10 left over when I was done.
  2. find the fishing pools and fish in those with the Arcane Lures. Don’t fish in open waters.
  3. when you get the Message in a Beer Bottle, make sure you go out in the ocean and see “The Great Sea” in your mini map. Otherwise you’ll waste too many lures.

I’m looking at what it is going to take to level the artifact, and thinking that this will be gravy. Those nights I want to hang out in Mumble with the guild, but don’t want to do anything of substance, I can just fish for crap in pools and level my damn artifact.


I have no idea why the fishing artifact amuses me as much as it does. Possibly because it’s a murloc skeleton for a fishing pole. Yeah, that’s probably it. Fucking murlocs.

2 thoughts on “*taps mic* Does this thing still work?

  1. Eventually, leveling the final traits on the fishing artifact goes super-duper slow. We should be learning Fishing Knowledge some how. Maybe we are and I missed it.
    What I want to know is: when you swim with the pole are you as fast as a raft?
    We really need some races.

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