Slowly getting back into the groove.

I’m still kicking. The divorce is still fucking with my head and affecting my socialization with others. I’m hiding in the hidey hole of my bank guild most often, I really need to figure out which toons are going to be appearing back in the guild and start with the whole socializing thing. Aestalas is still in and level 110 and raid-worthy. I’ve leveled the demon hunter to 110. I did enjoy the leveling experience of havoc, but love the undyingness (yes, I just made that word up) of vengeance for those tough quests with many mobs. Don’t know how much I’m really going to do on that toon now that she’s maxed. I’ve brushed off the fury/prot warrior. Once again, I’ve found that I still really love fury warrior. I like the prot off-spec for those tough quests too. She’s a high contender for socializing in the guild again. Other contenders for the guild are assassination rogue, and marksmanship hunter.

I’ve been LFR-ing with Aes to try and kick start the raiding bug in me. I’m liking the fights in LFR mode (in spite of the trolls, afk healers, and afk dpsers). They make sense. I figured most of the fights out without looking at a guide. Then read up on them to figure out the bits that I didn’t fully grasp. I REALLY love the fact that they fixed tier this xpack. The idea of separate tier for LFR vs others is asinine. After a couple runs through LFR, Aes wound up with the shoulder tier and chest tier. I rather like the way it looked  with G’Hanir, so I built a new Legion healing mog for him. This time, I didn’t worry too much about pulling from multiple expansions as I have for other mogs. I just went off of looks.


Helm: Cenarion Helm
Shoulders: Mantle of the Astral Warden
Back: not displayed
Chest: Robe of the Astral Warden
Tabard: Cenarion Expedition Tabard
Wrists: not visible due to robe
Hands: Oathclaw Gauntlets
Waist: Waistwrap of Banishment
Legs: not visible due to robe
Boots: Supple Leather Boots
Weapons: G’Hanir, the Mother Tree

View in WoWHead Dressing Room.

One thought on “Slowly getting back into the groove.

  1. Well, I stopped raiding as a hunter. The class got pretty roughed up in the transition and after Legion launched.
    Druids are a lot of fun; building a healing/dps spec (or even tank too) makes you welcome in most situations — I suggest a Druid.

    When I got divorced, my self-worth was shot. The foundation of “who I am” as a successful human being was crumbled and cracked. I felt like I had failed in life. My first choice was to find out if I could live with myself, like myself and not need anyone to validate me. There was the urge to ask friends, “do you like me?”, it was a rough time and decades later linger on still to this day. It is not an easy time and you have my sympathies — learn to cook something new in your own kitchen: stuffed mushrooms maybe.

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