How to kill an afternoon of productivity


So Bodhi, how did you spend your Saturday afternoon and evening?


I was running a round Highmountain looking for archaeology dig sites to gather moose bones to acquire a ghost moose mount. While I was at it, I’d fish in nearby pools to increase the artifact power on my fishing artifact.


How many moose knuckles did you find?




I guess I walked right into that didn’t I? I’ll have to share this with the guild (for the record, I’ve already shared).

So here it is, in all it’s glory. Aestalas on the Spirit of Eche’ro.


Also, I’d never seen the “Grants a chance to fish up an entire school of *zone* *fish*   in one cast.” artifact effect happen while fishing. I had cast a line in a salmon pool and “Poof!” The pool was gone and a barrel was where the pool was. I thought someone was screwing with me, until I realized the barrel was clickable. There’s a part of me that wonders what the proc rate is of the barrels. I wonder if it’s faster to keep casting until a barrel procs, or if it’s better to just let it happen if it happens. I’m sure someone has done a proc rate study on the barrels.

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