Changes and transitions 


Since leaving central FL on 2017/05/13, I’ve effectively stopped playing WoW. I’ve logged in on occasion to handle mail, auctions, kick off missions (until I ran out of resources), occasionally try the Mimiron’s Head and Ashes of Al’ar runs on a toon or three, and claim the pets/mounts that I’ve collected via the WoW shop. However, I have not really played. I’ve missed 7.2, class mounts, and Tomb of Sargeras (yes I can still enjoy the content, but it’s old news). Patch 7.3 is out now, and I’m about to be relocating again.

I’m not leaving the state, just the current residence. Long story that’s not worth the telling, but I’m looking for a room for me and my computer system and a garage for my motorcycle and my tool box. I’m looking at a couple places in Beaverton (west southwest of Portland rather than southeast of Portland). I will be returning to Azeroth sometime in October.


So even though I’ve not been in game much, I’ve got a few more mounts and pets anyways. Paid for the BlizzCon virtual ticket and got the Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor mounts. Picked up the bundle with the Luminous Starseeker mount and the Twilight pet. Picked up the Shadow pet as the contribute-to-charity pet Blizz seems to offer each year. Also headed over to Seabreak Isle in Azsuna and got the Squirky.

Though I’ve been effectively logged out, I’ve been content in being able to keep in touch with my guild members through slack and twitch. I’ve even been able to meet Alvi (of Alvilda’s Abstrations) from Denmark too. Color me happy.

Also, I’ve been able to get back into Kung Fu. One of my Kung Fu brothers that moved to Portland 10 years ago decided he wanted to teach his kids the Wah Lum style of Kung Fu and worked with Sifu Mimi to get himself certified to teach. Now he’s my Sifu here in Portland. Right now, the class is comprised of 4 of us. I’m hoping to see it grow a lot in the coming weeks and months.

I’ve got pictures from my journey across the US. I will wind up compiling them into something cohesive, when I’m not working from my laptop (how I’ve been interacting with the online world since May 13th, that or my phone).

3 thoughts on “Changes and transitions 

  1. Alunaria

    Been lurking around your site, hoping to see you return 🙂 First time commenting here, I think I first came across your site noticing a very great looking transmog for your Druid 🙂 Looking forward to see more from you. and hah, such a cute little gif, that!

    1. Thank you. I’ve missed my blog friends. I’m going to be making a gradual return to both gaming and blogging. So we’ll see more of each other.

      I loved the owl gif because my druid is my main. Had to slide a nod to the class mount in somehow.

      1. Alunaria

        Ah, good idea with a slow return like that, I understand. I hope it will go well.

        Hah, I see, oh, that Class Mount…I hear you 🙂

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