“Triumphant” return to raiding?

Right place, right time?  Depends on if you’re asking me or the guild.


Perhaps “triumphant return to raiding” aren’t the right words. Perhaps “Let the bodies hit the FLOOOOOOOOOOOOR!” is more appropriate. To further clarify, when I say “the bodies,” I’m including mine in the list of said bodies.

A request was sent out for bodies to fill the raid group for Fallen Avatar and Kil’jaeden. Requirement was 890+ iLevel and DPS role. Well, Aes fits the bill. So for me, it was definitely right place, right time. The group takes down both bosses. I tanked the floor for a while on both fights. I flubbed the mechanics. I’ve read the fight notes, but haven’t committed them to memory. I haven’t even seen them in LFR yet.

I hadn’t logged into Discord since before the move from Florida, so while I was pushing up daisies I was trying to get that re-situated. I finally got it sorted out just as the team kills Kil’jaeden. So I’m able to use it when we next kill pixels in ToS.

So perhaps I wasn’t the best body to fill the vacancy. Still, I wasn’t completely useless when I was alive. I did contribute, a little.

I left the raid seeing the final cut scene and wound up with some goodies:

I can’t complain at all at my luck tonight. It’s a first step at getting back into raiding.

3 thoughts on ““Triumphant” return to raiding?

    1. The mechanics are fun. The knock off mechanic reminds me of the Archie fight. Wondering if you can use wildcharge or heroicleap as an “oh shit” save on that fight?

  1. Alunaria

    I wish you lots of fun 🙂 I really like the Druid set there.

    I really like the Kil Jaeden fight. Using Wild Charge as a lifesaver is an awesome idea, try it 🙂

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