Well…I didn’t suck (also pumpkin xmog)

…of course, I wouldn’t say I was all that good either. I can tell that G’Hanir, the Mother Tree wasn’t properly tended to while I was MIA from WoW. I need to get heads down in AP acquisitiion and make some adjustments to talents/play-style. Wednesday, I was invited to the ToS (N) to take on The Fallen Avatar and Kil’jaeden. I hadn’t even run the LFR by that point. Tanked the floor for a bit on those two fights.

Today, Fussypants from Growing Up in Azeroth invited me to a ToS (H) run with the guild. Earlier today, I’d refreshed my memory a bit on the fights and run it completely on LFR. So I had the mechanics down a little bit better, but hadn’t spent too much time looking at the heroic differences.  We got to Kil’Jaeden and called it for the night. Over the two nights, I wound up with warforged normal tier shoulders and heroic tier cloak.

To recap…

Difficulty This morning This evening
LFR 0/9 9/9
Normal 2/9 2/9
Heroic 0/9 8/9
Set Bonus No 2-piece


In other news, I decided to make a pumpkin xmog. I’m not sure why I chose the warrior, but why not? I can’t blame it on pumpkin spice lattes either. I had fun with this one. Though, I realized I have a shortage of good orange plate gear. Might have to make it a point to fix that.


Helm: Hallowed Helm
Shoulders: Pauldrons of Roaring Flame
Back: not displayed
Chest: Heartshatter Breastplate
Shirt: Orange Mageweave Shirt
Wrists: not visible due to gloves
Hands: Gauntlets of Feathery Blows
Waist: Uncrushable Belt of Fury
Legs: Greaves of Orsis
Boots: Master Cannoneer Boots
Weapons: Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

View in WoWHead Dressing Room.

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