Endless Hell (er, I mean Halls)

I did the thing. I put in the grind to get the Lucid Nightmare. Holy hell! That was a royal pain in the ass. I read up on what went in to figuring out how to get this mount. I would not have bothered if I’d have had to figure it out on my own. Yay for wowhead and WoW nerds that have way more time for the game than I do.

Yes, I yanked this picture from wowhead

Here’s the guide for the mount.

Most steps weren’t too bad.

  • Craft/buy Shadoweave Mask.
  • Dalaran – read a note, this kicks off the process.
  • AQ40 – just past C’thun’s room is a mini game. Play game (match 5 brains), then read note.
  • Ulduar – I should have stopped here. Four hundred individual lights on the floor that can be toggled on or off. You have to turn on the majority of them. Talk about busy work, but I muscled on. I extended one of my Ulduar lockouts so that I didn’t have to waste time killing anything. Set pattern, then read note.
  • Deepholm – go to cave, click on fissure, click on chair, put on Shadoweave Mask, click on skull, then read note.
  • Gnomeregan – near engineering lab outer ring, you’ll see a bunch of levers. They all start at 1. Click on the lever, and choose up to add 1 or down to subtract one. If you need to set a lever to 9, you have to click on it and click up 8 times. It’s clunky, but not too bad. I wish there was a better mechanism…like…I don’t know…maybe…LET US TYPE IN THE BLOODY NUMBER OURSELVES?!?!?! *ahem* excuse me…then read note.
  • Val’Sharah – find brain-shaped tumor in house, click on it, untangle the lines, then read note.
  • Kun-Lai Summit – this was a major pain in the ass. You click on a colored orb, then take the buff to it’s corresponding colored rune on a table. You will want to use a combination of Lucid Nightmare addon and manually mapping the maze on graph paper. The problem with mapping it is that the zone is multi-level, but there’s no way to know what level you are on. Also, there’s teleporters that can just send you to a random spot. There’s a couple of guides online to help you with different mapping strategies, check them out, find the one that works for you, then cry. After you match your 5 orbs to your 5 runes, walk through an exit. This will take you to a non-nightmare version of the same room, read the note on the table, then head north and you’ll see the little tunnel on the map that takes you out of the halls. Wipe the tears from your face, you’re effectively done.
  • Just north of the battle pet trainer next to Karazhan, is the Forgotten Crypt. Wind your way down and around and you will get your prize on a big mount of bones.

If I have any toons with the stable in their garrison still, I’ll set this one as a favorite so it’s visible from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Endless Hell (er, I mean Halls)

  1. Marathal

    Thank you for this. I’ve thought about doing it. Read a few people that have said it’s a pain in the butt to do. After reading your take? Definite pass. I’ll camp the Time Lost Proto Drake before I try that.

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