Guild Adoration

It’s been a while since I’ve fawned over my guild in this blog. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to be a regular attendee of the guild events. Sunday night was the Hallow’s End party for <of The Queue> and our (we-need-a-higher-cap-for-characters-in-our-main-guild guild) <of The Queue Too>.

The officers really go out of their way for these events. Tonight was no exception.

We met up in the chapel of Gilneas. The festivities started by the participants splitting into groups of no more than four. We were given a riddle that described a place in Gilneas. As each group figured out where the place was, they were given a riddle to another location.  It was a riddle race. It’s been a long time since I have run the starting zone of the Worgen, so it was a neat refresher of the sights of the zone. Graymane’s Manor is absolutely gorgeous inside. I lost count of the number of riddles there were, it was a half-dozen or so. As I understand it, we have Vin to thank for the riddles.

After the groups finished up, there were 3 Xmog contest (spooky, autumnal, and cosplay). The spooky and autumnal were pretty self explanatory (ghostly/scary and autumn colors/autumn holiday apparel). The cosplay was completely unexpected. There was a Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Skeletor, Amani Witch Doctor (which at first I thought was a Groot cosplay), and a gnome in brown leather (said he was a football). I took part in the autumnal one with Aes’ xmog from the other day.

Finally, we wrapped up the event with scary stories around the camp fire. We setup camp in the hollow tree in the Blackwald. We’d use various toys for bonfires or the basic camp fire. Again, I lost count of the stories. It was a lot of fun. Vin read from H. P. Lovecraft. Fussypants read us a great story she wrote (WARNING: if you have phobias, you might want to seriously contemplate whether you read this).

Then for shit’s and grins, a couple of us head out to a couple mythic+. I offered to heal. Court of Stars +9 with Rot and [can’t remember what the other was] SUCKS! I’m pretty sure my sphincter ate my shorts several times that night. I got complements on my healing…but DAMN! Then we go to lower Karazhan+11. We were okay-ish until Attuman. Wipe-fest. Holy crap! I will learn that fight, and I will not suck at it forever. However, I did suck at that fight repeatedly tonight. I had fun though. Reconnected with guildies I hadn’t interacted with in a while and meeting new guildies.

So, yeah, I love my guild.

4 thoughts on “Guild Adoration

  1. I’m so glad you had so much fun at the party! And also, that you’re back in-game again!
    I will say, I can do all the planning in the world for a guild event, but it’s the guildies that take part and really breath life into the event. Thank you so much for coming!

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