Mounts, Toys, PVP, and Happiness

There’s a lot to say, so I’m just going to brain dump. I’ve been busy at work lately and recently been thwacked by the love mallet. So, blogging has been towards the back of my priorities.

Aes Prestige 2 Appearance
Aes’ Prestige 2 Resto appearance

I’ve gotten back into PVP in a big way, thanks to my girlfriend. I haven’t PVPed since the legendary cloak quest in MoP. She got me back into a BG and I remembered how much I enjoyed it.

Collected a couple achievements along the way lately too.

Battle for Gilneas VictoryIronmanQuick CapCall to Arms!PowerballWarsong ExpedienceCan’t Stop Won’t StopSeething Shore VictoryDeath from AboveClaim Jumper, and Blood and Sand.

For the crowning glory, I’ve made it to prestige 2.

Top HonorsFirst Step into a Larger World, and Here We Go Again.

Antorus (N) is on Farm for Team Mayhem. We’re beginning to step our toes into Heroic. Worldbreaker (H) is basically on farm for us. We’re still working out the kinks on the puppies.

BfA Collectors Edition was purchased, because Allied Races (Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, and Void Elf), pet, and mount. I just needed a little more Argussian Reach rep and was able to get the allied races unlocked fairly quickly.

Huge headway on the Mount front:

Professions: FIRST AID CAN FUCKING DIE IN A ELUNE-DAMNED FIRE. Hoping it is really is caught in the fire that destroys [redacted due to spoilerific info] in BfA. I just recently got First Aid to 800, and I’ve been level capped for well over a year. It has taken over a year for the damned quest items that allow you to go from 790 to 800 in First Aid to drop (yes, I know I could have DMFed it, but I haven’t stepped foot in there for a while because I don’t care to). It is impossible to cap First Aid without those 2 random drops (or DMF for 2 months). So if you get any of those first aid quest items to drop, do not turn them in until you’ve raised your First Aid to 790. I will not miss First Aid if it really is going away in BfA.

Yes, you read that correctly. My girlfriend plays WoW and loves PVP (both in game and IRL 😉 ). I’m a lucky bastard.

4 thoughts on “Mounts, Toys, PVP, and Happiness

  1. Tell us more about thwacking your love mallet.
    I like the engineering portal that takes me to Ulduar, I’m still trying for Mimron’s Head; that is one elusive mount. Grats on the others!
    Are you using Marks of Honor to collect the old pvp tmog sets?

    1. Hah! Now I have a new euphemism. Thank you for that. Will be gushing about relationship with in game shenanigans and screen caps.

      That’s the main reason I had 7 engineers, Ulduar portal. The learned about the Utgarde portal landing ledge in HF. With ability to skip first 2 bosses, the blue drake run is 5 minutes from login to hearth when skadi is dead (3 min for DH).

    2. …and yeah, collecting mog sets like there’s no tomorrow. While I’m rusty as hell in PVP, I’m finding out that I don’t totally suck at it. Having a blast the whole time…even when I’m focus stunned/killed as healer.

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