It’s the little things

I’ve been absent from Azeroth quite a bit lately. Some has been due to traveling (4 weeks so far this year for the job, 1 week with friends). Some has been due to my girlfriend traveling to visit me (2 weeks there, but damn how I wish it was longer). I’m back again for a while.

Not sure if I’m going to finish out leveling all classes before BfA lands. Part of me is just thinking “Meh, fuck it! Pay for the boosts and call it a day.” This expansion has been the most non-alt-friendly to me yet, and that’s saying a lot after BoredLords of DaChores. I enjoyed the story on both sides of the faction divide. However, the grind for garrisons 2.0 was annoying. The gating of personal professions through group content had me convert many toons from their crafting professions to gathering only. The AP grind still pisses me off (AP should be toon based, not artifact based). And, they introduced 4 new grinds through allied races (which you have to grind to unlock, as well as pay for the new expansion). Gonna be annoying to new players next expansion to learn they have to do the entirety of legion and it’s end game content to use the new races. Okay, perhaps this paragraph isn’t a bunch of little things. Some of them are fairly sizable things.

I’m going to move back to “the little things.”

Been taking a few more toons out for PVP and enjoying the hell out of it. So far I’m PVPing with Feral/Resto druid (resto going bear form and wrecking plate wearers is amusing), Marksman hunter, Fury warrior, and Vengeance demon hunter. I will say tank demon hunter is sooooooo OP. I also will say that Fury warrior is very bursty. I’m still planning on giving the Shaman and the DK (either blood or frost, not sure which yet) a shot too. None of the other toons really interest me from the PVP standpoint.

catnaps together are the best

In between PVPing, my lady and I have been mog farming, and being adorably dorky with each other. Even when PVPing, we’re obnoxiously adorable. So if you are ever in a battle ground and see two toons fawning over each other, you might be PVPing with us. Here we are catnapping after farming MSV.

I’m rather pleased with life at the moment (even with the daily annoyances).

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