BfA preliminary thoughts

As I was getting into the hype, decided to generate my call to arms teams. Still figuring out who my primary alts will be, but pretty sure Allie warrior and hunter will be my go-tos when I need a break from my Druid.


Thinking my Hordie monk and paladin will be my go-tos when I need a break from my Shaman.


Rather enjoying the expansion so far. My girlfriend and I have been leveling together with War Mode on. I have to say that I enjoy the hell out of world PVP.

I’ve been trying something different. I’ve never quite gotten the hang of Balance Druid play style, so I’m giving it a go. Also, I’m loving the new mog available as questing in Tiragarde Sound, so I’m going with a radically different look on my druid. I almost think I should use this on a combat rogue or windwalker monk with 2 light sabers for the Jedi look.

Aes BfA

We haven’t had a whole lot of time to play, so we’re only at level 113 right now. Will probably be well into 114 when we finish up with Tiragarde Sound. With how little we’ve played and being at 113, we’ll still make it to 120 before the raid tier releases and have time to gear up too.

Dungeonwise, I’ve run Freehold (as DPS boomchicken) and Waycrest Manor (as Heals tree). Freehold is fun. It’s just a get in there and kill shit. Waycrest Manor is creepy as hell. I would love to have a group go through and explore every staircase. The dungeon feels like it’s convenient to get around in, but haven’t had a chance to really explore.

I’m liking the content and the story line so far. I also like the foothold quests into enemy territory.

Add to that, the launch was relatively painless. I’ll call the beginning of this expansion a solid win. Hoping it continues so.

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