Bi-factional Confessions

I’m enjoying the hell out of War Mode this expansion. My g/f and I have had it enabled for the entirety of the expansion (unless we needed to group with friends that don’t do War Mode). I love this woman. Having a WoW buddy and life partner is simply beyond explanation. Watching her play makes me realize exactly how newb-ish I am in PVP. I did some random BGs in Wrath, Cata, and MoP, but didn’t partake in WPVP. That does not a PVPer make. She’s had the Justicar title for a while now (exalted with League of Arathor [Arathi Basin], Silverwing Sentinels [Warsong Gulch], and Stormpike Guard [Alterac Valley]) and is at Honor Level 84. It’s rather awe inspiring.

We are very much “For the [Faction]!!!!” when playing on our toons. Notice I didn’t say Alliance or Horde there. I simply said “[Faction].” When we’re on our Allies, we’re all about sending those Horde animals to push up daisies. Equally, when we’re on our Hordies, we’re all about having those Allie weaklings become fertilizer for the soil.

I’ve killed guildies from the other faction and been killed by guildies from the other faction. I don’t take it personally (fortunately, neither do they… it’s just a game).

Now, where’s the confession, you ask? You’ve already got one. I’m bi-factional. I play both factions and am passionate about both.

Not enough for you? Oh, right I said “confessions,” plural. Okay, I owe you another. Here, have another one. Both my Allies and my Hordies want to see the Screaming Bitch… er… the Banshee Queen… er… no, I had it right the first time… whatever… the warbling shrew needs to go take another dirt nap. Permanently.

#HonorAboveBlindLoyalty #NotMyWarchief

My next Hordie that gets there will not be siding with Varok, because I want to see what’s different in the game play when choosing loyalty to the Nagging Hag over the honor of the Horde. There you go, my confessions.

4 thoughts on “Bi-factional Confessions

  1. Marathal

    I am waiting for a “ohhh” moment. A point where she sacrifices herself to save the planet, and some yada yada, never assume someone is pure evil, she’s just drawn that way. It’s to easy to make her the ultimate villain. There will be a reckoning or a point where some Alliance leader such as Anduin comes forward and spares her.

    1. I’m fully willing to see where the destruction of, and the massacre at, the World Tree and the massacre of Horde troops by her own hands is somehow necessary on a global or cosmic level. However, until that happens, I will continue to hope for (and where possible, contribute to) the demise of this vile [expletive redacted because I have some sense of propriety].

      1. Marathal

        I just have some nagging suspicion that there is a big plot twist coming. Call it a hunch.

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