When macros become too cumbersome.

Yes, I’m old. Seven Mary Three is an awesome band. I remember when they first hit the radio waves. I had a chance to drink and chat with them at a bar in Orlando, FL the night they played said bar. Super chill folks. Any chance to make a 7M3 reference, I’m going to do it.

Now, back to the matter at hand. Cumbersome port options in WoW.

I love macros. I like having one button with modifiers (ctrl, alt, & shift) that do different things. I’ve made hearth/portal macros that are fairly generic enough that I can use them on every character, including characters that have engineering and have access to engineering portal toys. However, rings, trinkets, tabards, special use items, flavor hearth stones, toys, etc has made the buttons spread. I have one toon that has 5 action bar slots taken up with various port options (engineering mage). It’s getting ridiculous.

Enter the Broker_Portals add-on…

Broker_Portals Menu
Broker_Portals mini-map menu

This is an actionbar saver. I can now remove every port macro from the actionbars of my toons. This thing is glorious. It looks at your class spells, your gear, your items, your toys, your professions and adds them to a fly-out menu on your mini map. It even includes your Flight Master’s whistle.

The left side of the picture above is of a druid with a number of port items in his bags. Class specific portal spells appear at the top.

The right side is of a warrior with gnomish engineering. It takes your specializations into account with the engineering portals. Gnomish engineers are unable to use the ports to Everlook or Area 52, so those items don’t show in the list.

Now, I just need to get used to not having portal macros.

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