Can they get any more convoluted?

Yeah, I still breathe. Yeah, my girlfriend and I are still addicted to WoW. Yeah, I still like talking/writing about it. No, I haven’t been very active here lately (life happens). I have no idea if this is the prelude to increased activity in the near future, or if I’m just able to toss some words at the internet at the moment (only to disappear for another period of time). I make no promises, other than to toss you some words (hopefully laced with some personality and usefulness).


I love macros. I’m a programmer IRL, so it only makes sense that I’d enjoy some form of automation (easily repeatable processes). I’m also a creature of habit,  so the more I can make one thing act like another thing when interacting with them the better.

General Macro Etiquette:

When setting up macros, it’s generally best to chose the first icon option (the “?”) and begin all your macros with #showtooltip. This makes the macro show the icon for the spell/action that will be cast/performed on your action bar. It also allows the tool tip to display. This is how the bulk of my macros are set up.

F it all:

This macro sort of appeared in a previous entry, but it’s been through some revisions. It is my filler attack button. When I’m waiting for other abilities to power up or come off cool down, this is my “nothing else is available” spell. When not in combat, it would be a dead key if not for some macro goodness.

My Boomkin “F” (for filler) binding macro. It’s ultimate goal is to allow me to pew-pew as a Boomie. If not in Boomkin Form, it shape-shifts me. If I am in Boomkin Form, it pew-pews with solar wrath. It’s got some handy utility for other forms or gear. I have an equipment set called “balance” and another called “fish” that allow me to quickly equip my Boomie pew-pew gear or my fishing gear (fishing pole, fishing gloves [they’re just regular gloves with the fishing enchantment on them], fishing hat, and fishing boots). Also, note that if you’re running out of characters in the macro for your spells, you can rename your gear to single character names (for example equipment set “f” could be fishing gear, “b” balance gear, “r” resto gear, “f” feral gear, and “g” guardian gear) and get a couple more characters for spell names. Also also, the “(shapeshift)” at the end of druid spells isn’t necessary, so those can be removed to get extra macro space.

/equipset [mod:shift]balance;[nocombat,mod:ctrl]fish;
/use [mod:shift][nocombat,mod:ctrl]null;[nocombat,mod:alt][nocombat,worn:FishingPoles]Fishing;[stance:1,talent:3/2]Mangle;[stance:2,talent:3/1]Rake;[stance:4]Solar Wrath;Moonkin Form;

  • With the shift key down, it equips the balance gear for when you’re done fishing and ready to pew-pew.
  • With the cntrl key down when not in combat, it equips your fishing gear for when you’re done pew-pewing and ready to fish.
  • If you are not in combat and you have a fishing pole equipped, it will cast a line out into the water.
  • With the alt key down when not in combat, it will cast a line out into the water (regardless of whether you have a fishing pole equipped or not). It will use either your equipped fishing pole, or the default string on a stick.
  • If you are in bear Form and talented into guardian affinity, it uses Mangle.
  • If you are in Cat Form and talented into feral affinity, it uses Rake.
  • If you are in Boomkin Form, it casts Solar Wrath.
  • If you are not in Boomkin Form, it puts you in Boomkin Form.

T is for Travel:

Soooooo many options for moving quicker on druids. This macro has been through many iterations (in fact, I made another quality of life update during the writing of this post). This macro toggles between Boomkin Form and your fastest available shape-shift (Cat Form when indoors and Travel Form when outdoors). It’s also very handy for breaking roots and advancing in a different direction (holding shift when outdoors will toggle between Cat and Travel). It uses /stopcasting in case I’m casting/channeling a spell and need to change forms pronto.

/use [indoors,stance:2]Moonkin Form;[stance:2,mod:shift]Travel Form;[indoors][mod:shift]Cat Form;[nocombat,mod:alt]Azure Water Strider;[nocombat,mod:ctrl]Grand Expedition Yak;[stance:3]Moonkin Form; Travel Form;

Indoor behavior (a la no mounts allowed):

  • It toggles you between Boomkin Form and Cat Form. If you are not in either form, it switches you to Cat Form. Cat Form is pretty speedy for indoors.

Outdoor behavior:

  • With the alt key pressed when not in combat, it mounts the water strider for water walking.
  • With the ctrl key pressed when not in combat, it mounts your grand expedition yak for your emergency xmog and repair needs.
  • With the shift key pressed, it toggles you between Travel Form and Cat Form. If you are not in either form, it switches you to Cat Form.
  • With no key pressed, it switches you between Boomkin Form and Travel Form. If you are not in either form, it switches you to Travel Form.

I’ve been toying with adding an option for putting Dash or Tiger’s Dash in when you press both ctrl+shift, but I’m not sure there’s enough room to handle that in the macro. If I wind up adding it, I’ll have to kill the /stopcasting line. Which is likely fine, because I could argue that if I’m messing with my travel macro I’m already moving and my casting was cancelled anyways.

Sell vendor trash:

I can’t remember where I picked this little gem up. It was somewhere on the interwebz a long time ago. When setting up this macro, choose an icon that looks like money.  To use it, talk to a vendor and when in the buy/sell things window, press this macro. It loops through everything in your bags and sells anything that is gray quality. Note, if you still have your First Aid Alliance Trauma Certification (from Theramore) or Horde Trauma Certification from (Hammerfall), those will be sold. Put them in your bank if you want to keep them.

/run local c,i,n,v=0;for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b)do i={GetContainerItemInfo(b,s)}n=i[7]if n and string.find(n,”9d9d9d”)then v={GetItemInfo(n)}q=i[2]c=c+v[11]*q; UseContainerItem(b,s)print(n,q)end;end;end; print(GetCoinText(c))

That’s all for now. I’m toying with posting my Rogue utility macros and various class rotation macros next. Partly because I think folks that don’t use macros will find them handy references for their own possible use. Partly because it forces me to evaluate the usefulness of the macros and consolidate/condense/delete as necessary.

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