Sharding?!?! More like Sharting!

Sad Panda is sad about the sharding.

Ouch!  We were in Nazjatar for 5 hours and just barely got the 4 WQs finished.

There was some serious faction imbalance in our shard. No matter where we went, we couldn’t get away from swarms of the other faction and we could hardly find any of our own faction.

After a couple hundred gold in repairs and several hours of getting ganked, we hit the forums and see a LOT of the same, on both factions. I don’t believe this is an Allie or Hordie only situation. It looks like it’s a problem with how Blizzard’s sharding routines are handling the faction balance. As Taliesin would quip “It was a shit show.”

Until this sharding problem is resolved, I’m turning off War Mode for the first time this expansion. It makes me very sad. I love WPVP. I understand ganking. I’m okay with it. It’s part of the PVP experience. However, this is unplayable. No matter where we went, all red player name plates and very few green player name plates.

5 thoughts on “Sharding?!?! More like Sharting!

  1. Marathal

    Yeah, aside from having to deal with mobs with more health that hit harder, I’m not looking forward to spending hours just to complete quests because people are farming and competing for kills.

    1. Remember that loading screen tip “You’re much less likely to encounter wandering monsters while following a road.” that has been around forever?

      Yeah, about that, it needs to be updated to “You’re much less likely to encounter wandering monsters while following a road…unless you’re in Nazjatar. If you’re in Nazjatar, you’re pretty much F#@%ED until 9.0.

      1. Marathal

        When I first got to,

        The area in cataclysm we took a portal too

        Timeless Isle

        Tannan Jungel

        Suramar City, Broken Shore, and lastly Argus

        And now Nazjatar, which I have officially dubbed New Jersey

        There are always a few weeks of frustration as things hit like a truck and respawn quicker than you can loot a body. The difference is that by the time we got to Argus it was so exhausting and painful, that I just stopped doing the content. Even when I considerably out geared it I wouldn’t go alone. At the point I am at now? This is day 3 and I haven’t been on in over a week.

      2. Hoping you get a chance and the desire to log in soon. The content is very cool (War Mode issues notwithstanding). There’s lots to do and it’s very pretty.

      3. Marathal

        We did log in last night. First thought;

        They tested this patch?

        Questing with my wife, I’d get a quest to do something as a drop, she would too, but a different one, we moved through the zone and she would tell me grab that quest, but there wasn’t one there. I got credit for two daily quests we took, she got 0, even though they were the same quests. Had to deal with Alliance hunters tagging mobs as fast as they spawned for a world quest, in the end we found a safe spot and tabbed out for 10 minutes until they left. If we stood in one spot for more than a few seconds, neutral NPCs would suddenly all go red and attack. And if it wasn’t for having levitate it would have been a really frustrating evening.

        I know it’s laid out for the future when we can fly, but I just wanted to get it over with.

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