“Glorious”? Return

My honey and I couldn’t play with War Mode off. It just felt wrong this expansion. However, the grind for flight without flight was simply too painful with the faction imbalance. We decided we’d further contribute to the imbalance by abandoning our Alliance mains for our Horde mains until either we got flight unlocked or some sort of balance was restored.

Here’s our flight grinding team, my elemental shaman and her beast master hunter.


As mentioned in Bi-factional Confessions, we both have 2 mains (1 for each faction). We’ve put in the work on our Hordies and we’ve ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLMOST unlocked flight. I’m 10.6K honored with Nazjatar and revered with Mechagon. She’s revered with Nazjatar and 11.8K honored with Mechagon. With the way reputation has been flowing, I’m confident that I’ll unlock flying in the next day of Nazjatar grinding. I know for a fact that she’ll unlock flying with only a WQ or two in Mechagon.

Pet battles on both zones helped a BUNCH! Giving you 3000 reputation on Nazjatar and 600 rep on Mechagon.  Even if you’ve never played Poke-WoW, it’s not difficult to get started. Do your mission tables to get pet charms on any/all toons and mail them to a toon that can get to Dalaran (Legion/Broken Isles). Once you have 60 of them, visit the pet shop and buy an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone from the vendor. Summon a pet (preferable a blue quality one), target that pet, and use the stone. Boom! Instant level 25 battle pet. Now you can buy level 25 pets on the AH. Ikky, Darkmoon Zeppelin, Iron Starlet, Li’l Bling, Chrominius, Zandalari [pick your type of dino] (from Isle of Giants) is basically all you need. If you have an Unborn Val’kyr (can’t be traded/sold), it will help with some fights, but Ghastly Kid (can be traded/sold) will suffice in it’s place on a couple fights. Look on wowhead for the pet fights and check all the comments. You’ll find a couple options with easily bought pets. If you haven’t done the achievements for pet battling, this could be the catalyst that gets you started.

One of the other things 8.2 has brought us that I find simply amusing, is the ability to hide almost all gear slots. Several classes/races really lend themselves to leaving bits hidden. I know, I know, I should make a nekkie mog for Loh, but I just really love the molten items on him. Her hunter has had a couple glorious mostly-naked mogs. The one in the picture above is the current bane of many a melee class. Seriously, imagine the disgrace of the frost DK that died twice to this naked bear lobbing arrows at him in the Mechagon Fight Club. When he rezzed again, he ran like hell.

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