And there was much rejoicing…

much rejoicing

I knew my honey would ding flying right away on logging in and hitting up Mechagon for a quest or two, so we started there. Hers was a guarantee. After we finished up the zone, we hopped over Nazjatar to see if I could finish up the Unshackled reputation. We were in luck that there were plenty of rares up at the time. We finished up the zone and I dinged flight with a couple quest turn-ins to spare.

Lohattal and Surya celebrating flight

Here we are on our Hordies, celebrating our happiness at the ability to fly. We felt quite safe with Surya’s minion keeping guard with a rather nasty-looking shank.

This is a game changer. For the Horde. Getting from rare to rare is now a cake-walk. On the Alliance side, it is a still craptastic. Yes you get to the rare faster, but so do the 5:1 (or worse ratios, often) Horde:Alliance players. You get killed and lose the tag on the rare. I’ve played for several hours in Mechagon on my Allie main and still haven’t hit friendly with the Rustbolt Resistance.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me in the Alliance as a PVPer. This could be where I become an Alliance Care Bear.  If that happens, Aestalas will be faction-changed to Zandalari (DINO-FRIKKEN-SAUR DRUID), and I’ll faction-change my monk (maybe? Want to keep the healer options balanced on the 2 factions.) .

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