Finished with 8.2

8.2 has been out for a month and…

I’m done.


Am I  exalted with the two factions on either main (Alliance/Horde)? No.

Did I play for more than 2 days on my primary main? No.

Did I complete the meta-achievement for either zone? No.

Did I unlock all the blueprints in Mechagon? No.

Do I feel any compelling reason to log into either of my mains at this point? No.

I unlocked flight. That’s my sole accomplishment this patch. I have zero desire to do anything more.

Leveling some alts is about the only thing that has any draw for me, and that’s probably only going to last until they hit level 110. Getting close to the level cap will likely see the same apathy creep back in.

Why the lack of G.A.F. in the new zones? It’s simply too time consuming. To run 3 battle grounds, 1 emissary, all Mechagon quests, and all Nazjatar quests takes over 6 hours for us. I simply cannot allocate the time for a near-full-time job to a game. Three BGs typically take an hour-ish (unless 1 of them is Wintergrasp or Ashran, then it’s an hour and a half to 2 hours) and the quests for the emissary are typically handled during the time waiting in the BG queue. Either we’re doing something wrong, or the zones are not meant for grouping, or I simply suck so badly at WoW now and have reached a point where I should unsubscribe and uninstall.

One thought on “Finished with 8.2

  1. Marathal

    I unlocked flying. I’m not into the Warfronts so don’t do them. Right now I log in, look over what the Emissary is, if I see its for a 415+? I will fly over and cherry pick the simplest world quests. Any grouping of 4 near each other, or focusing kill 1 guy. An emissary now takes about 10-15 minutes with flying. And that’s all I’m doing. I got both new factions, and the only reason I will visit those areas again is for a world boss, or if there is an emissary. I am done working on clearing all the quests.

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