Ga-nome Heritage Armor

I’m not sure why I enjoy pronouncing the G as a hard “Ga” sound when I say gnome, but I’m weird. Deal with it.

I’m sitting on both sides of the fence with heritage armor. Maybe we’ll call it “Schrodinger’s Armor” for laughs? On one hand, I love the looks of the armor (most of them, to be honest). On the other hand, I am rather annoyed that it’s race specific. The gnome armor would look amazing on many of my engineers. However, I only have one engineer that is a gnome.

Still, the armor is pretty epic looking. I modified it slightly on my hunter. Here she is with the Legion Bolt-Action Headgun (crafted engineering goggles) and the “Twirling Bottom” Repeater gun (yes, the reagent sold by the engineering vendor in Legion Dalaran is a mog-able item).


While the goggles on the head (rather than worn) from the heritage set are very cool, I just like the look of these better. It still has the moving cog in the middle to match the cogs on the shoulders. The gun also has a rotating end-cap that matches with the movement of the other pieces.  I am probably going to change her default mount to Mimiron’s Head to match with the Steampunk look of this set.

I plan on unlocking the Highmountain Tauren set (only 2 levels away from it), the Nightfallen set (only 90 levels away from it), the Dark Iron set (also 90 levels away), the Tauren set, the Dwarf set, and the Blood Elf set. For the core races, it is simply a matter of equipping a tabard and spamming some dungeons until exalted with the home race, so it’s something that can be done mindlessly.

While the Light-forged Draenai, Void-Elf, Mag’har, Kul Tiran, and Zandalari sets look good, they don’t look 450-levels-worth-of-grinding-on-top-of-the-already-270-levels-of-grinding-for-HM-NF-and-DI-sets good. They’ll eventually be leveled. However, not very likely before 9.0.

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