Classic Macros and Bodhi habits


I’ve given up on 8.2’s content, I just don’t care to log into retail currently. In fact, there’s not much that will convince me to do so. I believe these may be the only conditions that get me to login:

  • I see the words “Data Anomoly” in WoWhead’s “Today in Nazjatar and Mechagon…” post, I’m still farming that Mechagon hearthstone toy. I literally sit by the data anomaly for hours on a couple of toons waiting for the random rares to appear (only to feel the disappointment of knowing this is the “engaging content” that Blizz wants us to spend our time doing, repeatedly, for weeks/months).
  • my honey requests to do something in retail (like leveling some alts)
  • The Nazjatar emissary is up (Aes is still my reputation mule, after all)
  • Mechagon’s daily is get 6 chests (which is more time than I want to spend in Mechagon, but it is the shortest daily there).

I’ve been using Classic to scratch that waning WoW itch. As is my normal, I try to make a couple of macros to make mundane things simpler.

I like an all-in-one filler-spell/fishing macro, even in classic. In standard Bodhi fashion, I spent way too much time screwing around with the conditions of this macro. However, it works for me.

Being such low level characters, most of my toons don’t have filler-spells, so there’s some improvisation here with icons and actions. If you use an equipment slot number in the #showtooltip line, it will show that item’s icon. I chose gloves as the item to show for melee class auto attacks. I equate gloves with “throwing down the gauntlet,” and because it would show your fishing pole if you used your main hand slot number when a fishing pole was equipped and you were in combat.

#showtooltip [nocombat,mod:ctrl] [nocombat,equipped:Fishing Pole] Fishing; 10
/equip [nocombat,mod:ctrl] Fishing Pole
/use [nocombat,equipped:Fishing Pole] Fishing
/stopmacro [nocombat,mod:ctrl] [nocombat,equipped:Fishing Pole]

  • Out of combat and pressing CTRL, it will equip your Fishing Pole (if you get a new fishing pole, change “Fishing Pole” with the name of your new fishing pole).
  • Out of combat and with your Fishing Pole equipped, it will try and cast a fishing line out (same note about a new fishing pole as above).
  • Out of combat and with anything but your fishing pole equipped, it begins your auto attack.
  • In combat, it begins your auto attack.

Once you have a filler ability, replace the “/startattack” with “/use [your filler ability]” and get rid of everything that is after “#showtooltip” and before “/equip”.

This post is telling of where I stand with WoW. One sentence and a short bullet-point list of things that pull me, very reluctantly, into retail. Where as, there’s a whole lot of word-vomit about Classic. I’m hoping BlizzCon re-ignites the Give-A-F#*% for retail in me.

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