Rejuvenation and Regrowth.

I will probably always be a druid at heart with my way of thinking about the game (and some aspects of real life).

Regarding the choice of video for the opening of this post, on the off-chance that you don’t know about one of the up-coming features, we’re getting a Honey Bee mount! Also, Steam Powered Giraffe is an amazing group (somewhere between an a capella group and barbershop trio/quartet/however-many-are-in-the-group-at-any-given-time).

I guess I just needed a bit of a lull in my playing. Spending some time in Classic helped with a soft-reset of my head.  I’m still rather unhappy with a lot of 8.2. Especially the multiple levels of RNG on top of RNG for completing the Mechagon achievements. When you factor in that your progress on collecting rares and blueprints isn’t tied to you as a player, rather than the particular avatar you are using at the moment, you put yourself in a position to farm Mechagon on one toon only. If you decide you don’t want to play that toon because you want a change of scenery, well, tough shit! You lose all your progress in Mechagon if you start on a different toon, so you better hope you don’t need a change of pace. I unlocked flying, I got the Mechagon hearthstone, I have the Exalted reps on my Hordie main for all of the 8.X factions, and I will have all of the 8.X reps Exalted on my Allie main before too long (only Nazj [Re] and Mech [Ho] left on him, which I will do at a leisurely pace over the next month-ish). I’m comfortable in saying that I am done with 8.2, as I’ve said before.

Patch 8.2.5 lands on us today. There’s not a whole lot in this patch, hence the 2.5 vs 3.0. However, I am looking forward to a few things. There’s new awesomeness to be had here.

  1. Party Sync will be AMAZING!!!!! My honey and I have lots of alts all over the level spectrum.  It will be so nice being able to group up and play on whomever we choose whenever we feel like it and have it be meaningful play for both toons.
  2. War Campaign concluding will tell us a lot about what the future holds for the faction war. I’m very curious if in 9.X I will be able to team my allie druid with my honey’s hordie hunter, or my hordie shammy with her allie priest. When you look at factions like Cenarius (from any expansion) you’ve got horde and allie races working together. There’s no reason (other than programming issues, and a lack of faction-neutral quest availability in various expansion) that friends couldn’t cross the faction divide.
  3. Recruit-A-Friend rewards are looking very enticing. While I don’t think I will be recruiting any new friends into the game, or re-enlisting folks who quit, I still plan on getting them. My honey and I will create 2 new accounts and we’ll recruit each other. We’ll pre-load them both with with 12 months of game time and reap all of the rewards.

    “Wait, Bodhi, isn’t that $180?!?!” Well, yes, if you paid monthly. I did a little math (and I’m taking great liberties to make this sound like logic rather than like the ravings of an addicted mad-man) and it turns out that if I didn’t recruit any friends, I will pay for 12 months of game time over the next year on my own account, that’s a given cost of playing. If I prepay for 12 months on the new account, I get the 6 month sub rate which makes 12 months come out to $156. That means I’m only paying for 10.5 months (using the normal monthly subscription rate of $15) on the second account. By paying for 12 months of game time on the second account, I get 4 free months as R-A-F rewards. What this means is that rather than paying for 24 months on the 2 accounts for a year of gaming, I’m paying 10.5 months on one and 8 months on the other. Another way of looking at that is I’m paying 18.5 months for a year’s worth of 2 accounts + nifty mounts/pets/xmog. Or…. I’m paying for 12 months of subscription time on my account and I’m buying the mounts/pets/xmog for an amount of money equal to about 6.5 months of sub time and getting a year’s worth of time on another account to allow me to level some toons with my honey with bonus xp at no extra cost. I might be an addict, but I don’t care. I’m having fun.

  4. The Honey Bee is now a farmable mount. This means that I will need to tame a bee on a hunter and get this mount and put together an appropriate mog. There are several bug-style bows and crossbows in the game, so it’s just a matter of getting the colors right.

We’re counting down until BlizzCon 2019 too. My honey and I will be there. We’ll be getting in Tuesday night, 2 days before the Con and leaving on Sunday, the day after the Con. I’m hoping to be able to meet more of my guildies face to face. Hopefully, meet some of my fellow bloggers too. I’m really looking forward to seeing the amazing costumes that people put so much effort into.

I’m both excited and hopeful for the game. It does seem to be an every-other-expansion situation where one is good and the next is meh.  Wrath was awesome (I started in Wrath, so can’t speak for the awesome/meh-ness of Vanilla and BC). Cata was meh. MoP redefined awesome and will be a very tough expansion to top. WoD redefined meh, even though it had so much potential. Legion did its damnedest to try and top MoP, but comes in as a close second. BfA sits somewhere between Wrath and Cata on my Awesome/Meh scale (MoP > Legion > Wrath > BfA > Cata > WoD). Hopefully, we continue the trend and 9.X winds up being Wrath-quality or better.

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