The “Meh” is strong with this one…

My last entry was from Day 1 of BlizzCon. In that post, I said I’d make a more comprehensive post in the coming days. Well, it’s been over 2 months. I find myself at a loss to say anything about WoW except, “Meh.”

Don’t get me wrong, BlizzCon was a blast. There was a tangible excitement about the entire event. I enjoyed the experience. I rode the hype-train the entire time. I am looking forward to seeing the Shadowlands. I’m looking forward to seeing the upcoming 8.3 patch.

Subtly, those last 2 sentences encapsulate where I’m at currently. I’m looking forward to “seeing,” not “experiencing.” I’m in spectator mode right now. I’m avidly following WoWhead. I’m enjoying the hell out of reading everyone’s blogs about their time in retail/classic/real-life. I am caught up with all the streamers that I’ve always followed. I’m consuming all the information I can, but just not interested in playing.

At least once a week, I start up my Battle.Net client and Twitch client to make sure everything is up-to-date. I stare at the 2 windows on my machine for a few seconds, think “what do I want to do when I get logged in?” I invariably come up with the same response each time, “/shrug.” I simply feel like there’s no point in going any further. Then I close the windows (usually shut down the PC) and walk away. It’s been this way since Gobbles day, give or take. Winter Veil fluttered by without even a hint of G.A.F. from me. I was able to level one toon via the Anniversary event’s Korrak’s revenge, but I have no motivation to play the new shiny toon.

Patch 8.3 is 7 days away:

  • Roll up a Vulpera (whatever class)? “meh, another toon I won’t level for a long time, if ever.”
  • Roll up a Mechagnome (whatever class)? “meh, I would have to finish the Mechagon achievement first.”
  •  Wrathies Cloak 2.0? “meh, I’ll probably do it at some point just for the base mog.”
  • Bee-mount 2.0 (old god edition)? “meh, another mount in the collection that’s likely never going to see the light of day.”
  • Backpack mog? “meh, I’d have done the R-a-F thing by now if I really needed it.”
  • All the DKs? “meh, I already have 2 under-geared DKs.”
  • Legion invasions 3.0/Faction assaults 2.0 (old god edition)? You get 3 guesses what my reaction was, and the first 2 don’t count.

I just don’t feel a sense of wanting with anything in the game currently.

Patch 9.X is due out this year.  Perhaps I can drum up enough motivation by then to want to participate.

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