Slowly taking in the view of the visions

My honey and I are slowly working our way through visions. We run some together and run some separately.


Here we are, proud of our 1 corrupted area and the tainted area. I’ve been so worried about messing up our group runs, that I haven’t been really trying to goad her into running these together. The unforgiving nature of these are brutal at the beginning. If I screw things up, it doesn’t just affect me. It affects her progression too. As a result, we haven’t been running these as often as we should be. I’m going to try and prod us into action more on these. They are fun, once you have a clue about what you’re doing.

She’s done 2 corrupted zones plus the tainted zone a couple of times to get her cloak up to level 8. I figured I needed to buckle down and get to it so I don’t wind up too far behind her.

I finally just sat down and muscled through it. The first time, I only got the two corrupted zones. While I missed out on corrupted mementos, I at least got the cloak upgrade for that run. The next run went much smoother, since I had a clue. I got both corrupted zones and the tainted zone.


Next upgrade requires us to do 2 runs that include both corrupted zones. I’ll be ready. Not only will I be ready. I’ll be dead-sexy too.

I’m really liking the look of the new plate Ny’alotha set. I’m using it for my DPS set . For tanking, I don’t think I’ll ever use anything besides the Pandaria crafted plate set.

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