Horrific Vision Four Zone Clear

I’ve been fairly lax in running visions lately. Reasons, stuff, and real life… blah… blah… blah. I was running a vision to get my last 2 mid-zone items to bring my cloak to level 11 and my poor little kitty cat got his claw stuck in the curtains next to me (right as I’d pulled most of the dwarven district into a single pull). *sigh* Sadly, it took me 2 visions to get those last 2 pages of fear and flesh because of the distraction. Still, I got there.

Timistaart Four Zone Clear
Timistaart Four Zone Clear

I got the quest requiring a single lost zone and figured “Meh! Why not?” I didn’t think I was really ready for it, but I went for it anyways. I went Dwarven District => Old Town, because from what I’ve seen, Shaw is a bit easier on the slow melee of DK than Umbric is. After completing those 2 zones, I still had plenty of sanity and an orb and I had completed the required objective for this run. There was nothing to lose by trying to head over to the Trade District.  I head over and knock heads around and feel like I am ready to end the Vision. I didn’t feel I had enough sanity to handle Umbric and Aleeria, so I headed back to the Cathedral and enjoyed the success of 4 completed zones.

The mid-zones seem a lot easier with the cloak at level 11. I’m guessing there’s an equalization in the low/mid/high (gray/red/blue) cloak tiers vs. the low/mid/high zones. At this point, in SW, I can pull most of the first zone in one pack. I like to break it up per Void Caller (or whatever the mobs are called that cast Psychic Scream), but otherwise, bring them all on.

In the trade district, I like to only have 1 or 2 Tormentors in my packs. Otherwise, bring everyone on except for the elites at once. I let dots tick on the tendrils and otherwise ignore them until everything else is dead. With the tendrils and everything else dead, I take the elite mini-bosses on and head out.

In the Dwarven district, I plant the first bomb and mount up. At that point, I pull the 2 mobs immediately to the right, then head back down towards the auction house/bank area and take out everyone except for the elite. From there, I take out the elite. Then, mount up pull the rest of the mobs using a corner of a building to line-of-sight them into one big puddle of soon-to-be-dead abberations.

I’ve only done Old Town once, but it seems pretty straight forward. Kill the first elite mob to the right. Next, round up the non-elites en-route to the second elite. For that round up, keep the casters on lock-down so you don’t get stunned (small pack sizes unless you have a group stun). Kill the elite leading to Shaw. Then kill Shaw. Dealing with the floating eye is a pain for melee classes. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for casters. The trick is simply keeping the eye at your back. If you can’t keep the eye at your back, then walk several steps in front of the eye so that Shaw advances enough to make enough room between him and eye for you and back-peddle in there and keep wailing on him. If I find a better solution, I’ll write it up.

I didn’t do the Mage District yet, so can’t say anything about it. Though, it looks convoluted from the videos I’ve watched.

One thought on “Horrific Vision Four Zone Clear

  1. Mage Quarter is my most hated place in the Visions. The lost zones in Org are fair enough to you, with only a few combat traps from hatching Aqir, but overall, fine. Mage Quarter has tumors that trap you in combat, a constant spawn of mobs tied to an elite who will also trap you, the most annoying elite in the whole system, and the worst boss in Umbric. If I have a run fall apart in SW now, it is 100% of the time in the Mage Quarter. But with some practice, it is doable – higher cape ranks help too!

    Congrats on the 4-clear!

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