Five zone Horrific Vision completed.

Timi Five Zone Clear
Timistaart’s Five Zone Clear

Woot! I did it. Completed all 5 zones and acquired my first mask. I have also earned enough mementos for Gift of the Titans. Now it’s time to earn those last 4 points on the other side of rank 2 and that last 3 points on the other side of the tier above Gift of the Titans. Then, I’ll be able to buy that sick backpack mog that I have been eyeing since Recruit-A-Friend introduced them to us.

I didn’t think much about the masks previously. I’d just kind of figured that once I hit tier 15 (if I hit tier 15) cloak that I’d be done with it all and not care about pushing it any further. Now, I’m seriously thinking about pushing for them.

Getting them is pretty straight forward too. The first mask is generally the same for everyone, unless you’ve got a guild that does crazy carries. In which case, you could get all 5 masks at once. The second through fifth mask are determined based on the order you do mask runs.

Mask Method Acquired
Faceless Mask of the Long Night Complete 5 zones within a single Horrific Vision run.
Faceless Mask of the Burned Bridge Complete the Valley of Wisdom zone in Orgrimmar Horrific Vision with 1 or more masks active.
Faceless Mask of the Daredevil Complete the Valley of Honor zone in Orgrimmar Horrific Vision with 1 or more masks active.
Faceless Mask of the Pained Complete the Old Town zone in Stormwind Horrific Vision with 1 or more masks active.
Faceless Mask of Dark Imagination Complete the Mage Quarter zone in Stormwind Horrific Vision with 1 or more masks active.

I’m genuinely excited. First time I’ve been really excited about anything in WoW since I had to give up raiding. If this is a preview of what Torghast has in store for us, perhaps there is some hope for end-game content for me after all.

3 thoughts on “Five zone Horrific Vision completed.

  1. Marathal

    Someone in guild just did a 5 mask full clear together cloak rank 14. I stress doing a second area with nothing.

    1. Biggest thing I found was that screwing up a couple times took away the fear. Either I tried and died (tried to learn what I could do better next time), or succeeded. The more you do it, the more mementos you get, the more things you can put into your titan panel. Run it with some guildies for sure (regardless of what talents you took in panel) and make sure one or more of them are heal and/or tank. Some classes struggle for solo, but kick major butt in a group. Spriests and any other flavor of cloth dps are great when they have a meat shield to take the brunt of it…. grab an unholy dk if you can (they’re tanky and mad dps with big pulls). Eventually, these are going to be like islands… enter a zone, mass pull everything, nuke, rinse/repeat, win.

      Don’t stress over it. At the end of the day, everyone’s cloak is going to be tossed in void storage/sold/scrapped/deleted in about a year anyway.

      1. Marathal

        Uggh, islands. I walked away from them the day the NPCs corpse camped me one time. Double and triple teamed me for half the fight. The other two people on my side ran around and filled the bar, but it was brutal for me. Only went back one other time. It’s just not for me. I don’t like pull all the things, race from one spot to the next playing. I prefer working my way through and surviving.

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