An Unstable and Corrupt game

Fourth of July weekend in the US-of-A, a 3-day weekend. I should have been enjoying the lull between expansions, and I was. It just was not in WoW. Instead, I was enjoying my time in Animal Crossings: New Horizons (ACNH). I just don’t have any desire to log in to WoW currently. Sure, if the wild hair crawls up the orifice, I can do some portion of my weekly chores:

  • My 2 Paladin kills of Baron Geddon in MC for a chance at the tier shoulders.
  • Orc DK run of Mythic HFC for the portals and chance at the mount
  • Nightelf Druid run of Mythic HM, BRF, and HFC for the mogs/portals/mount-chance
  • Nightfallen emissary for the 5 toons that are still grinding for the class hall shoulders

This reset, I did 2 of these things and added a tame of Loque’nahak on my gnome hunter along with an emissary that gave a minor gear upgrade to the Worgen DK. The rest of my time was spent playing ACNH. I saw that yesterday was the last day for the Kirin Tor emissary (meaning an easy 750 boost to Nightfallen rep) and I just didn’t want to bother. I see that today is the last day of the Nightfallen emissary (which usually nets me over 2K Nighfallen rep between the rep from the  emissary and the rep from the WQs themselves) and I’m not sure I want to bother with that either.

I feel very let down by this expansion. For me, the 2 biggest failures in this expansion have been in PVP. You know, the thing that Blizzard keeps pushing everyone into. “WAR”craft. Faction conflict.

The first failure is their inability to maintain faction balance with sharding technology. Battle for Nazjatar is a shining example. The RUIN community exploits this almost every battle. They bring several raid groups into the zone after the battle starts. This throws the faction balance way out of whack and causes so much lag that it’s not uncommon for your abilities to actually fire 5 to 10 seconds after you press the key. Meanwhile, the 20+ opposing-faction folks that just zoned in on top of you are spamming their keys too. You have no chance to react to damage. Because of the lag, you go from full health to dead once the server gets caught up from the lag delay, with no way for you to see your incoming damage (forget about mitigating anyways) until it’s too late. The game becomes unplayable.

The second failure was the implementation of corruption. “War/Titan-forging is too OP, Blizzard needs to fix this travesty.” Well folks, guess what? You convinced Blizzard to stop bending you over with with War/Titan-forging. Now you’re getting deep-throated with corruption.  A decently geared player can be obliterated in less that 4 globals due to corruption. Rextroy’s corruption experiment in arenas is an extreme example of this, but this is like a max level raid group attacking the Crossroads. At least with X-forging, players had a chance to last longer than 4 seconds in PVP. I’m just very disappointed in RNG one-shots. It’s not skill.

Also, before anyone says “just turn War Mode off,” world-PVP is one of the few things I’ve liked about this expansion. In an expansion that is lauded by so very many as another failed experiment by Blizzard, I found something in it that I truly enjoyed. Then Blizz went and screwed it up. Perhaps if corruption was PVE only (as in it doesn’t proc in PVP combat), then perhaps it wouldn’t have screwed things up so badly. The problem is world content with War Mode on. How do you determine what should have corruption procs on it and what shouldn’t? The extra calculations needed would only add to the lag factory.

I don’t know what the solution is to fix WoW at the moment. I can only hope that corruption, azerite traits, and essences get tossed out with the pre-patch for Shadowlands, just like our artifact powers were removed with the BfA pre-patch.

One thought on “An Unstable and Corrupt game

  1. Marathal

    In an effort to appease those that have claimed for years Blizz is dumbing down class design an play, we now have so many combinations and permutations that you practically need to sim every possible piece of gear based on getting 1 upgrade. There is a gulf the size of the Pacific Ocean between min and max. That small percentage that maxes everything are driving away everyone from their sandbox.

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