Sometimes I feel pretty dumb

… a.k.a.  “How much time did I waste unnecessarily?”

Stupid is as stupid does
Stupid is as stupid does

There are some bits and pieces of the game that bring out the completionist in me. Legion brought out a few of them.  Allied-races, class halls, artifacts, class mounts, and… class hall armor sets.

All Class Hall Armor Sets
All Class Hall Armor Sets

Sadly, in order to get the shoulders for the sets, you have to grind the Nightfallen reputation to Exalted. Well, not anymore. If I’d known this before, it would have saved me soooooooo much time. Assuming you’ve unlocked the Nightborne race, create a Nightborne Class Trial for any class and do the opening quest line to open up your class hall (and for some classes, get your first weapon). Once the quartermaster is available, you can buy your shoulders.  That’s it. The Nightborne are created with their Nightfallen reputation set at Exalted (the only requirement needed for buying the shoulders). I was missing 4 classes when I stumbled upon this tidbit of information.  With about 2-ish hours of game play, I’m now only missing 1.

These are the classes which will let you cheese the system like this:
Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior.

Nightborne cannot be these classes, so you will need to grind the reputation:
Demon Hunter, Druid, Paladin, Shaman.

I REALLLLLLLLY wish I’d stumbled upon this information a year or so ago. I could have saved myself so much game time to do other fun things.

As a recap, the requirements for the class hall armor set are not too bad. Except for that Exalted bit for the shoulders.

  • Helm – Level 110
  • Shoulders – Exalted with the Nightfallen
  • Chest – Complete your Class Order Campaign
  • Wrist – Recruit 6 Champions
  • Gloves – Honored with The Nightfallen
  • Belt – Acquire all artifacts for your class
  • Leggings – Defeat 8 Legion Dungeons
  • Feet – Revered with 2 Broken Isles reputations

If you’re going for the class mounts too, you’ll wind up with everything you need reputation-wise. Getting to Revered with the various reputations around the Broken Isles is a piece of cake. By doing the class mount quest line, you’ll easily get to Revered with The Armies of Legionfall (if not all the way to Exalted) and it’s safe to say that if you played the toon in Legion, you’re probably Revered (or really close to it) on a couple of factions.

My Blood Elf paladin is only about 5K reputation away from his shoulders. Meaning I can probably do the Kirin Tor emissary and Nightfallen emissaries 2 more times each and I’m done (maybe less if I toss in a couple of the big dailies here and there in Suramar). I’m guessing in about 2 weeks I get to scratch this off of my list.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel pretty dumb

  1. Wow, great effort. I had to drag myself to play some other classes just so I could buy the pets. Managed to get the last one just a few months ago.

    1. Not sure what happened to my notifications, but just got the email about your comment.

      It was a fun adventure. I wanted to get all the class mounts too. Wasn’t that bad of a grind, even at current content (Val’sharah throught Ysera, Broken Shore, some rep, some dungeons, some mission tables, and a unique quest line per class).

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