Faceless Fun

I’m not sure how I feel about the new WordPress editor. There’s some limitations to it that I don’t like. Whether these are true limitations, or I just haven’t found the editor option yet, are still to be seen. If I’m not able to directly tweak the HTML on my posts, I’m going to be a very sad panda. I don’t like how WP renders the HTML for some items (note: sometime during my revisions I found the code editor, but I’m still unsure about this new interface overall because some tweaks are not possible with my current understanding of it). Regardless though, let’s get on with the newest news (some of which is a bit stale since it’s 2 weeks old).

Recently, I watched Markiplier do a bit of a play through of Carrion by Phobia Game Studio and I was absolutely fascinated and engrossed (or was that just grossed-out?). I think WoW’s 8.3 patch has me completely enthralled with anything that resembles tentacled-old-god-looking blobs, because I simply had to have and play this game.

It’s an interesting horror-game. It’s got your mindless killings and it’s got a surprise twist to it with a story that slowly unfolds as the blob makes its way to full-sentience. I won’t give away any spoilers, because 1. I’m not 100% certain I know the ending of the story and 2. I’m still playing it and learning. I’m having a blast with it.

In WoW news, I’ve done it! I’ve beaten 8.3! I finally got the Mad World achievement. I still need to farm a boatload of Corrupted Mementos so that I can buy the Wicked Swarmer mount. However, I can choose to do that at my own pace without worry about the pre-patch pulling the rug out from under me (still have to get the Alliance Bumbles pet, Horde Pterodax mount, Uldum bug mount, and Friendly Alpaca mount too). I’ve also purchased me and my honey the Mighty Caravan Brutasaur, giving us the Conspicuous Consumption Feat of Strength achievement. Yes, 10 million gold. It was a slog to build up. I NEVER want to do that again. EVER!

At the beginning of August, I did a 5-mask solo of Orgrimmar on my decently geared (iLvl 466, Twilight Devastation rank 3, Severe rank 2) Orc Deathknight. It was my first 5-mask completion ever, giving me The Most Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar and Symphony of Masks achievements. It also gave me a new set of 470 gloves with Racing Pulse rank 3.

The next week, I just couldn’t pull off a 5-mask solo of Stormwind. If I was smart, I would have done a 4-mask run so that I could get my free core and a piece of iLvl 465 gear. I was just so frantic and frustrated, that I blew through all my Vessels with nothing to show for it. However, I was able to get into a partied 5-mask run on my Night Elf Druid, which gave me Through the Depths of Visions and the Black Serpent of N’Zoth mount.

This week, I did it. I soloed a 5-mask run in Stormwind on my decently geared (iLvl 467, Twilight Devastation rank 3, Severe rank 2, Racing Pulse rank 3) Orc Deathknight. I used all 3 orbs and my cheat death (I had a LOT of bad RNG on the Shaw fight), but it’s over. Finally! I have my The Most Horrific Vision of Stormwind and Mad World achievements and my nifty the Faceless One title (which I think I’ll use on my shadow priests, or any transmogs that fully obscure the face).

I’ve been comfortable running 4-mask visions since the middle of May, but that 5th mask is just BRUTAL! If you’re doing multi-mask runs, but not a 5-mask leave either Faceless Mask of the Long Night (reduces your maximum sanity to 65% of normal) or Faceless Mask of the Daredevil (increases sanity losses from creatures by 125%) off. In other words, NEVER combine those 2 masks unless you’re doing a 5-mask run. When doing a 4-mask run, I’d always leave daredevil off. When doing 3-mask or lower, I’d always leave daredevil and long night off. Once you hit cloak level 15 and get your Titan Research Panel filled out, 2/3/4-mask runs should be very doable.

Here’s my Unholy Deathknight setup for Visions:

  • Talents:
    – All Will Serve (extra pet dps helps a lot for movement-heavy fights)
    – Ebon Fever (gives your pestilence a bit of burst)
    – Asphyxiate (an extra interrupt for non-boss casters)
    – Soul Reaper (quick extra runes for burst)
    – Wraith Walk (speed is good)
    – Epidemic (round up lots of non-elites and use them as bombs on elites)
    – Unholy Frenzy (mini-Bloodlust… kinda… sorta… )
  • Azerite Essences:
    – Vision of Perfection [major, rank 3] (randomly spawns more pets)
    – Essence of the Focusing Iris [rank 3] (haste)
    – Memory of Lucid Dreams [rank 3] (reduced spell cost, heals, and vers)
    – Breath of the Dying [rank 3] (+10 corruption resist, damage/heal proc)
  • Azerite Traits:
    – Magus of the Dead (1, Helm)
    – Festermight (2, Shoulder+Chest)
    – Helchains (1, Shoulder)
    – Elemental Whirl (2, Shoulder+Chest)
    – Last Surprise (1, Helm)
    – Heed My Call (1, Helm)
    – Vampiric Speed (1, Helm)
    – Bulwark of the Masses (2, Shoulder+Chest)
    – Retaliatory Fury (1, Chest)
  • Enchants:
    – Weapon: Rune of the Fallen Crusader
    – Rings: Accord of Versatility
    – Gems: 3 Versatile Dark Opal
    note: I PVP a lot, so versatility is good to stack for Unholy… also great stat for Blood tanking. You might want to go with Critical Strike if you don’t PVP and don’t use some of the same gear for tanking.
  • Trinkets:
    Awakened Alchemist Stone [iLvl 455] (I will use Abyssal Healing potions from time to time in my runs. This makes them really pack a punch. Plus it’s more Versatility.)
    Writhing Segment of Drest’agath [iLvl 445] (A dps trinket that helps in both single target and multi-target scenarios.)

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